Fortnightly Social Media Review— 6 June

My team and I summarise the latest Social Media news each fortnight for the Agency and I thought it worth sharing here as well. I have included all links as best I can as all of this is straight up curation :).

Instagram for Business — LINK

Instagram is making some changes that will make things a little easier for businesses on the platform. New profiles mean that you will be able to call, text or email directly from inside IG. There will also be some sort of map and directions feature so that will be cool.

IG business profiles will give brands many more options.

Converting your IG profile to a business profile will now also unlock analytics tools (YAY!). Previously these insights were only possible via third party apps like Iconosquare so if IG is going to provide them, and provide them for free, we should be able to be a lot more strategic on this platform.

The other big change is that they are going to enable a ‘Promote’ feature on posts. This will be the IG version of the ‘Boost’ button on Facebook pages. I wonder where they got that idea from…

New AI will understand text with ‘near-human accuracy’ — LINK

The latest version of Facebook’s artificial intelligence project “DeepText” can apparently go through several thousands of posts a second and with a level of accuracy that approaches human understanding.

Why does this matter? Facebook‘s ability to understand not just the text but the context of that text will further improve their content serving algorithms and make the previously announce Messenger Bots far more useful.

Are ASOS FB customer service people actually robots? — LINK

Speaking of messenger bots, despite assuring us there are humans at ASOS the community is fairly certain that robots are behind the scenes. The community went into a bit of a meltdown when a bunch of comments look to have been automatically triggered. ASOS have since denied it but it all looks very weird.

beep beep boop bot

The lesson here that we try to impart to clients on social is that your audience engages better when you use an authentic human voice. A great example of this was Dan from Optus from earlier this year.

Muted Facebook Videos

85% of videos watched on FB are watched without sound. It is unlikely to be a preference of users to watch without sound but it does suggest that the decision to watch the video as intended comes in two parts, first the decision to stop scrolling and then the decision to activate sound. This highlights the importance of captioning videos where appropriate but also presents other options like this video campaign from where the video was improved by watching with the sound turned off.

Snapchat hack enable ecommerce — LINK

PopSugar have worked out a way to turn a Snapchat screenshot into a store coupon. They have built a companion app called Emoticode that converts a URL into a string of characters and emojis. This Emoticode can then be added to a Snapchat story as text. People who use both the Snapchat and Emoticode apps can link them together so that any screenshot is immediately uploaded to Emoticode where the emojis are recognized and the link becomes active for the user.

Left and Middle from the app itself, Right is my testing — that code goes to my IG!

It’s a little convoluted at the moment, but for brands with huge SC followings it represents a clear way to push people from content to ecommerce platform. I assume Snapchat will eventually build something cleaner directly into the app.

Snapchat Algorithms

Your Snapchat feed will soon change from a directly chronological feed to something that prioritises content, like the Facebook News Feed already does. There is not a lot of detail on this yet but in all likelihood the content you are likely to engage with is the content that will be elevated in your feed so it is probably worth engaging with the content you like now in the platform so that any algorithm will be optimized for your own experience.

Twitter gives back characters

In an effort to bring back users who are leaving the platform in huge numbers Twitter continues to tinker with the character count. They recently announced that replies, @names and URLs (including photo URLs) will no longer contribute to the 140-charater limit.

This change is expected to have zero impact on people who are leaving the platform because it can be adequately replaced by Instagram, Snapchat or both and people are using those platforms.

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