Ivy League university and leading institution for climate change research will utilize Social Alpha Foundation grant to develop a planetary scale, decentralized carbon emissions tracking tool

Social Alpha Foundation, the not-for-profit, grant-making platform which provides no-strings funding to companies and projects utilising blockchain for social impact, has announced a six-figure…

The Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) has received a six-figure grant from the Social Alpha Foundation (SAF) to build its latest project known as The Impact Ledger, the definitive registry of social impact blockchain projects, spanning the nonprofit, public, and for-profit sectors.

The Impact Ledger will promote understanding and flow of…

New York, September 26. Social Alpha Foundation is honoured to support Blockchain Symposium — a seminar organised by the Consulate-General of The Netherlands and UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services)

SAF co-Founders Nydia Zhang and Jehan Chu joined on Panel Discussion for SDGs and Blockchain. The rest of the…

Blockchain for Early Childhood Development

Education program development in third-world countries is extremely difficult, due to high-demand of human resource, inefficient paper-based administration system and poor-functioning subsidy payment system. Charities spent numerous amount of human resource and funding but unable to achieve their goals in the short term.

Social Alpha…

Social Alpha Foundation

A non-profit grant-making organisation that supports individuals and collectives utilising Blockchain technology for positive social change.

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