Blockchain for Early Childhood Development

Education program development in third-world countries is extremely difficult, due to high-demand of human resource, inefficient paper-based administration system and poor-functioning subsidy payment system. Charities spent numerous amount of human resource and funding but unable to achieve their goals in the short term.

Social Alpha Foundation Application Grantee Amply Amply is not-for-profit project that is building a digital identity and subsidy management system on the Ethereum Blockchain for pre-schools in South Africa. By using Amply, the underprivileged children can receive sovereign ID and gain access to quality preschool education and financial support.

Project Statement

Amply provides immediate benefits for ECD centers, children, and government agencies. Digital records create consistency, transparency, and accountability, which improves internal processes for ECD centers as well as the Department of Social Development when reviewing and administering subsidies. ECD centers using Amply also have credibility with outside sponsors and funders because all of their attendance data is stored securely and is easily accessible for funders to view when necessary.

But Amply is not just an app to take attendance — Amply is a digital identity protocol that builds trust. We provide every child with his/her own digital identity based on the blockchain. This will enable children to receive benefits and services from which they might have previously been excluded.

Amply is unique because it places each child at the center of their relationships with Early Childhood Development services in a way that is ‘self-sovereign’ and directly beneficial to them. This means a child’s digital identity and personal data are privately owned and controlled by the individual (with some help from their guardians). Over time, their life records become a rich source of data and value that can be used to receive services and insights that will become more predictive, precise, personalised, preventive, and participatory.

Amply envision a future where a child, who previously had no ID number, will be able to see how many times he/she attended an ECD center, which vaccines he/she received and when, what educational certificates he/she received over time, and his/her financial transactions and use that information stored on the blockchain to qualify for a job, receive a loan, and/or get a visa. At Amply, we understand the importance of beginnings, and we believe our app is not only paving the way for the beginning of children’s’ lives but also the beginning of data revolution that will change and benefit all of society.


Grant completion date: February 2018

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