SAF Education Grantee: 2018 Xi’an International Workshop on Blockchain

A USD 150,000 grant is given to 2018 Xi’an International Workshop on Blockchain. Through a series of annual block chain winter school program, the workshop aim to bring together top talents from both academia and industry to share the innovations from each side to bridge the big gap between these two communities.

The project brings together world-class academics, industry practitioners, government regulators, investors as well as young students to share the latest progress in decentralized Blockchain and digital currency technology, both from an academic perspective and from a practical perspective. The winter school program is created by Turing Award winner Prof. Andrew C. Yao from Tsinghua University and Prof. Elaine Shi from Cornell University in 2016. Topics we cover includes distributed consensus, related cryptographic techniques such as zero knowledge proofs, as well as digital currency exchange technology. The program consists of tutorial sessions given by leaders in the field, as well as research talks by researchers and student lighting talks. The program is invitation only, and each year we have over a hundred attendees from all over the world. It has become the more prestigious event on Blockchain technology in China.

Project Statement

  1. As a forum, bring together world-class academics, industry practitioners, government regulators, social scientists, economists, investors as well as young students from all disciplines. Each year, we will attract at least 10 professors working on related field, 10 industry leaders and investors (including at least one top-tier public block chain founders). We focus on not only the technical side of blockchain, we will also address the social impact of the technology, inviting leaders from humanitarian projects to participate.

2. As a graduate education program, we will accept at least 20 students from overseas and over 20 from China, and provide enough time for them to share their research progress.

3. As a joint project incubator, we will facilitate the initiation of at least three joint research projects and 5 visiting student program. We will sponsor the in-depth joint development of research as well as open source projects.

4. As a prestigious technical event in China, we will help the Chinese regulators better understand block chain technology, and both support and regulate it better. For the purpose, we will bring at least two regulators to the event and allow them to communicate to industry practitioners effectively.

5. As an undergraduate education program, we allow dozens of excellent undergrads from top universities in China and the world to get access to the block chain technology and thus help them to gain interests in cryptography, systems security and distributed systems in general. This effort will sure help building up essential work forces for this area in the future.

6. As a public education program, we will make part of the workshop materials / session recordings openly available through major MOOC platforms. We will offer these content free-of-charge to the entire world to further facilitate the research.

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