Social Alpha Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon

Social Alpha Foundation
2 min readAug 22, 2018

A USD $30,000 grant to winners of Social Alpha Foundation Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon at The Impact Summit (, which took place from June 1st-3rd in New York. The aim of the event is to inspire and empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs by bringing together 350 computer science students from top 20 universities in United States to explore how they can leverage their technical talents to create social impact.

The winners were……

The Exponent Project (1st place), Docklist (2nd place), and Wishing Well (3rd place).

  • The Exponent Project — cryptoeconomic incentive structure for human tracking for refugee separated from his family.

Team member: Andrew Kuznetsov Matthew Feng Reahman Afshar

  • Docklist — decentralized voting platform.

Team member: Harsh Gupta

  • Wishing Well — decentralized crowdfunding platform.

Team member: Calvin Chu Erick Pinos Malcome Fein

Grant completion date: June 2018

Memory sharing:

Hackathon award presenting ceremony
Hackathon award presenting ceremony
amazing organiser Aaron Mayer Adi Melamed
SAF co-Founders @jehanchu @nydiazhang key note
SAF Vetting Committee and advisors presentation Smith and Crown



Social Alpha Foundation

A non-profit grant-making organisation that supports individuals and collectives utilising Blockchain technology for positive social change.