Within journalism advertising is seen as a necessary evil. We spend hours on pieces repressing the knowledge that however good an article may be it’s commercial value lies in it’s ability to seduce readers to ad ridden pages.

Despite this I’ve always viewed advertising with a mystified fascination. During The Super Bowl I was left baffled when a film about the love affair between a horse and a jailbait puppy revealed it’s self to be an advert for vegan horse piss substitute, Budweiser. Trying to make sense of this was my brilliant , and hopefully susceptible to flattery, professor, Michael Brito.

He explained how brands create narratives to synchronize their product with an emotion or idea that adds to their value. With the Budweiser example their narrative is built around the slogan of ‘best buds’.So this equine, canine, love odyssey endeavors to churn up emotions of camaraderie. In the aim that next time I go to the shop to buy some beverages for a night in with some mates I’ll associate Budweiser with a warm feeling of friendship/inter-species love, and purchase the foul tasting beverage.

Later in the semester we’ll have to create a narrative for our very own business before broadcasting it through social media.Feeling like an candidate on ,cock idol, The Apprentice, we soon split up into groups. Unlike The Apprentice my group is ,fortunately, lovely and we plan to help promote a local bike taxi company. For this we sight environmental awareness as a possible narrative. Using social media to share content with a positive environmental message we’d create the image of bike taxi’s as an eco alternative to more tradition forms of transport- an association that we can then use to sell the product.

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