Home is where the office is…

The home office, we all have one be it a counter with a few papers on it, the couch, kitchen table or cloffice (closet+office). It’s funny to see what has changed in the past 5 or 10 years. I remember when I first started out, if I didn’t have an office, I didn't have credibility. Now, having an office is just a bonus or, in some cases, a frivolous waste of money.

Desktop setup in my home office

At home, I not only have access to my desk and computer with super fast internet and all my “stuff” 24/7, but I have it when I need it. Tonight for example, just prior to writing this, I had a new client come on who had an urgent issue they needed resolved. I didn’t have to pull out the laptop on the sofa or run back to the office for anything. I went into my home office, and worked. I was even able to break between emails and tasks to kiss my daughter goodnight and get her a glass of water when she said she was thirsty.

This does come with a caveat. Having a home office means you are always at the office. I love it, until I don’t. Stopping for a cup of coffee sometimes turns into a quick load of laundry, other times I might lay down on the bed for just a minute (aka 30 minutes). Or one of the cutest and most cumbersome things is when I get on a call, never fails to happen when I get on a call, my daughter sneaks down the hallway and opens my door. She mimes or does a weird dance wave thing to get me to respond to her. Super cute, super distracting.

So tell me (us, the readers) what is your home office like, your work environment and even your setup (if you want to share a pic, go for it)?

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