Abundance is too much.
Amy Selwyn

The change is interesting isn’t it? I’ve never been a hoarder by any means, but we (my wife and I) decided to “downsize” ourselves a few years back. We didn’t have a massive house, actually, it was very conservative for a married couple with two dogs. However, the excess of stuff had become annoying to both of us. No more mortgage, we rent an 2 bed 2 bath condo in a converted cotton mill in North Carolina. The building is over 100 years old and has high ceilings (16'), wood floors that can literally hold a tractor, and two-foot thick brick walls. All of this with no carpet to clean, no yard to mow or maintain (HOA for the win!) and no garage to store tons of tools and projects. I will admit I NEED a garage as a tinkerer and DIYer, but for the time being I am fine with fewer projects to consume my time.

We even parted ways with excess in vehicles, selling my SUV and buying my wife a new Honda Accord then “upgrading” myself to an older BMW I have always wanted (for the automotive enthusiasts out there an ’02 e39 540 on 19" BBS LMs) at a very wonderful price of $9500, only toting 72k miles. I smile every time I drive it.

This has resulted in less busy-work on projects, cleaning the house, mowing the grass, etc. Plus now any time away from “work” (I love what I do, MetricMed.com) is almost exclusively family time. Which my wife and daughter love as much as I do.

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