Will Pinterest Take Over The Social World With Searchable Images

Are we about to enter the age of digital image searches, yes I know that we have been able to search via uploading images to google, for a while now.

Can we really say that google image search really gives us the experience that we want, yes it is a great feature, but I feel it is a feature that is so underutilises. Now that we are heading into the 2016’s, we are seeing self driving cars, apple watches, drones taking over our view of the world, Uber changing the way we travel.

So it had to eventually come to pass, that we were going to change the way that we searched on the internet, and it looks like Pinterest will be leading the way.

So what makes Pinterest’s Image searches, any different than the big search engines out there, that we have being using for years.

It all comes down to the selection, Pinterest has a selection of well over a Billion boards plus Billions and Billions of high quality images, to include into there technology.

With there huge access to the in-sites on what people like, such as boards on Living Room Designs, My Favourite Foods & Holiday’s I Want.

Pinterest will be able to produce a much more accurate and clear selection when searching for selected images.

Just imagine a world where you are looking at an image on Pinterest, and notice a pair of shoes someone is wearing, and you can zoom in on them and within a second you are shown, a selection of those type of shoes.

If Pinterest can pull this off with out errors, they will dominate the image world even more than they are now.

Just imaging the power that advertisers will have, advertisers already know that images speak more than a thousand words.

Pinterest already allows advertisers on there site with Promoted Pins, but when they implement this technology into there advertising packages, WOW who know there revenue may even surpass Facebook.