Why I Use SocialBrew

Networking is the single most powerful way to make connections and build beneficial relationships. It’s not about who you know, but rather who knows you. The importance of networking is emphasized in college, at work, and every where you go. However, is there a purpose to having over 1,000+ connections on LinkedIn when you are only feeling comfortable reaching out to less than 30 of them?

I attended a small women’s college and networking was heavily emphasized throughout my tenure there. I attended many events that had remarkable speakers who were leaders of their industries. Listening to their experiences and successful careers motivated me to talk to them and make connections. Even though I had the opportunity to shake their hands, talk to them, and even connect with them on LinkedIn, I was still just one of their 1000+ connections. I decided to be courageous and sent a message asking for coffee to discuss career advice and have a sincere conversation. However, I heard nothing and became hesitant to continue reaching out to other professionals in my network.

So instead, I decided to start looking at what was immediately around me and make connections at school instead. I joined student organizations to make real, personal connections with my peers and even upper classmen. Student organizations definitely offered small, intimate settings and I was able to meet wonderful students and alumni. However, after the upper classmen graduated, it was hard to maintain this close network that I’ve built throughout college years. After I graduated, it was even harder to meet with them or connect with new members since I was no longer active in that community.

I wished there was a way to maintain my current network and discover new opportunities to meet professionals who had similar career interests. SocialBrew offers an intimate community that bridges online and offline connections, which helps me feel comfortable to reach out to peers and professionals who are very much like myself. I don’t have to worry about writing perfect cold emails or messages to reach out to people who can be my future mentors. With a simple coffee request, SocialBrew delivers the goal of forming natural relationships — which helps you build a true network that is substantial and genuine.

-Wonji Yi

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