ICO Rating: 9/10

When we hear about influencer marketing today, it comes as no surprise. Influencer marketing has been around a long time, so we will only talk about it briefly but mainly focus on talking about who is about to change the way we see influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is as easy to understand as the name suggests. However, the misconception has long been that anyone with a large social media following is an influencer. That is not true. Influencer marketing is put into their strategy by brands and businesses by using individuals who influence the market.

Over the years, we have seen many influencer marketing platforms emerge. To name a few, there is Izea, Revfluence, Traackr, and Upfluence, and mind you they have all done a tremendous job at becoming recognized as they are. …

SocialCxN is an automated platform for Brands & Influencers to connect. We will launch our ICO Website soon! Check our ICO website for more details: https://socialcxn.io/

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