7 Reasons To Move To Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires offers a mix of European class and Latin flair. The large flux of European immigrants in the 19th and 20th century has shaped the city’s architecture with large influences from French and Italian neoclassical styles. Nevertheless, the city maintains its Latin American charm. The city’s diversity offers a rich mix of social, cultural and artistic shows. It is generally assumed that Tango initiated in the streets of Rio de la Plata, a working class neighborhood in Buenos Aires. More than 13 million people call Buenos Aires home nonetheless you don’t really get a sense of overpopulation. It is a very exciting city that is starting to attract world attention. Here is why you should consider moving to Buenos Aires.

  1. It’s nicknamed the Paris of South America

2. The magic of Tango can truly affect your spirit

3. For meat lovers, this is your paradise


4. Friend’s day is a national festivity

5. You can make a career out of dog walking

6. Seeing a psychologist is a common lifestyle


7. Family comes first, soccer is a direct relative

soccer fans street celebrations