Never Underestimate The POWER of A Plastic Tiara

Picture this, your favorite co-worker’s last day is soon approaching and you pull up your level money app only to find out you can’t afford to give them a “real gift”! So being the creative person that you are you take a moment to reflect on the time that you spent with them and after going through your pictures and saved “Snapchat” video’s it dons on you to give them a tiara and make them a certified California Diva!

Now, I must admit after seeing the gifts that others were giving, I became a bit unsure of how my gift would be received. But you aren’t going to believe me when I tell you what happened next!

Since I was feeling a bit skeptical as to how my gift would go over I sent my co-worker a text message and then snapped her on the computer to ask her to come to my desk. When she arrived, I presented her with the certificate that I’d created, proclaiming her a member of the California Diva Association and placed the tiara on her head. Instead of saying, “Thanks” and walking away, She let out a loud squeal, curtsied and gave the princess wave! As my peers took photo’s and posted to Facebook.

And who would have guessed that as the other five women received their tiara’s this phenom happened over and over again! When those ladies left my cubicle, they left with a spring in their step, a sparkle in their eyes and their heads held up high! A good time was had by all! And I felt great about making a few friends feel good during the sad transition of saying goodbye whether it was to return home after working in the field for months or for some becoming unemployed. Or at least until I checked my snaps on the computer that is!

While we were celebrating the ladies that were to leave the office and quite possibly my life at the end of the day. Others had sent me angry and nasty snaps because they hadn’t received a certificate and tiara!

Talk about a punch in the gut! As I was expressing my disappointment to another peer about this nasty turn of events, she shared with me how what I intended to be a token of appreciation, turned into a statement. A statement that said, “Someone finds me special!”. And this statement could potentially while making one woman feel special and empowered make another woman feel left out and less than.

As it turned out the plastic tiaras that I handed out became more powerful than I had anticipated they would; they became a symbol of importance and respect! And we all know that’s all we ladies really want is to feel important and respected.

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a plastic tiara!

This article originally appeared on the mogul platform