A Google search for “the best time to post on Social Media” will bring up thousands of results. But things quickly get a bit confusing when you start reading those results. There are rarely any clear answers and the answers that seem viable are all dependent on one important thing — context.

The best time to post really does vary from company to company and depends on many factors. …

Once you witness the power of images on Social Media, you’ll never look back.

Platforms like Instagram may be specifically designed for the sharing of high quality images, but that doesn’t mean your other Social Media channels should be limited to text-only posts. For example, according to Buffer, tweets with images receive 150% more re-tweets than tweets without images. On Facebook, posts that include images make up nearly 80% of shared content.

The benefits are clear.

Unfortunately many small businesses get stuck posting text updates, and the only time an image gets posted, is when a for-print flyer gets placed (read: dumped) on social media channels. …

> Social Media ROnI — Risk Of NOT Investing

It is a well known fact that the cost of acquiring a new client is much more than the cost of retaining an existing one. When you choose to not use Social Media for your brand, you potentially face a great cost: customer churn.

Like any good relationship, communication is key. The relationship between you and your existing client is susceptible to multiple distractions. Maintaining a genuine conversation via Social Media keeps your client connected to your brand and your product.

Chances are, your client would rather deal with someone that pays attention to them. …

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