How to use Facebook Interest Lists for your Business in a smart way

Do you make use of Facebook Interest Lists?

Or are you asking: ‘What are you talking about?‘

Facebook Interest Lists are an often underrated and neglected feature. But, it can be such a powerful tool for every Business when utilized in an intelligent way.

In this post, I will show you what these lists are, how to set them up and how you can benefit from this Facebook feature.


You can think of a Facebook Interest List as something similar to a Twitter List. However, they are less known and less used.

Let’s first have a look where to find them on Facebook.

If you go to the left sidebar of your Facebook Profile, you will see a section called ‘INTERESTS’ [maybe you need to scroll down a bit to see it].

As the next step, we are going to set up a new list.


To do so, mouse over the Interests header and click on ‘MORE’.

All of your lists will show up now. If you haven’t used this feature yet, usually only one appears. You can either edit this one, and I will come to this in a minute, or create a new one.

To create a new list, just click the ‘CREATE‘ button and a window will pop up containing all the pages, and people you ‘Like’. Add people and pages to your list simply by clicking on their names or page icons. Don’t forget to name the list.

But, here comes the cool part of Facebook’s Interest Lists into play:

You can add pages to your list, without liking them first! This little thing can make a huge difference to your Social Media strategy. To add new pages, select ‘Pages’ from the menu on the left side [1. on the screenshot below] and then search for the page(s) you want to add to your list [2. on the screenshot below].

Before talking about the benefits of Interest Lists for your Social Media strategy, let me quickly add two more things:


If you wish to edit an existing list, this can be done by clicking on its name, in the left sidebar of your profile. The list will open, and various information about the list will be shown. As in the screenshot below you can see the Privacy settings, you can also see who is on your list, and you can edit the list. Facebook will also suggest new members to you.

If you choose ‘Manage List’ the same window as above will open and you can add/delete pages/people to/from the list as you wish.

It is important that you make sure you’ve chosen the correct ‘Privacy settings’. ‘Only me’ means that no one will see which list you have created and who is on that list. Pages you’ve added to the list will not be informed.


You can also follow already existing [public] lists.

If you type or click this link , you can search for public lists within fields of interests. This is a cool way to find great content.

But, be aware that you cannot change the Privacy settings of lists you follow created by somebody else.

What are the advantages of using Facebook Interest Lists for your Business?


First, it is an excellent way to monitor your competitors without them knowing it. As indicated above, if you add your competitors to a list, they will not be informed about it. Set the Privacy settings to ‘Only Me’ will make sure that no one will be able to see your list.

It could also be that you do not like too much that everyone can see which pages you’ve liked. But you still want to stay on top of the news of these pages, and you do not want to look them up one by one every day. The solution is to add them to an Interest Lists.

An additional factor is that the Facebook newsfeed algorithm prevents you from seeing all posts of people/pages your like. An Interest Lists can help you to overcome this issue. You will be able to see all posts in the Interest List’s newsfeed and be able to engage with all the content.

As for your regular profile newsfeed, you can like and comment posts as your page.

One last tip: Add the lists to your favorites, so that they appear on the upper part of your left sidebar. This way you will not lose track of monitoring the most important news.

Leave me a comment about your experience with Facebook Interest lists.

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