How to get employees to care about your Employee Advocacy Program

Leading by example

Company initiatives stand a better chance of success when backed by a managing team. It’s not about leadership and telling others what to do, it’s about managing people actively participating in the program.

  • Build their personal brand and establish themselves as thought leaders
  • Drive revenue generation
  • Boost brand awareness for the company

Let them be ‘social’ at work

You want employees to feel empowered and free to share content. But this is not possible when companies discourage the use of social media during working hours. If this is the case in your organization, you need to make clear that the company is backing employees’ participation and trusts them to use social media.

Provide the right tools

A tool that is dedicated to employee advocacy will make it a lot easier for your employees to get involved. It’s easier for them to share content because the right content they are allowed to share is provided.

  • An easy way to recruit new advocates
  • Segmentation tools
  • Easy content sharing system
  • Employee engagement features
  • Analytics
  • Customizable branding
  • Multi-language options (for international organizations)

Acknowledgment goes a long way

It’s important to measure and communicate the results of your program with your employees. This way, they can see the impact of their efforts.


Getting your employees engaged in your program will always be a challenge, but leading by example and showing the real benefits it has for the employee itself will help you get an engaged army of employees who spread your content on social media.



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Patrick De Pauw

Patrick De Pauw

CEO of Social Seeder. Our mission is to help build meaningful companies through an increased brand pride and employee engagement among the workforce.