What to look for in an Employee Engagement Platform

But how to make the best choice?

The first question should then be; do you want to collect data to influence your decisions? If the answer is yes you want your platform to collect as much information as possible about your workforce and feed it back to you.

  • Incentivised data has the benefit that you’ll be able to capture much more input from your workforce while they get something in return for it. This has a major benefit in that you can engage much more coworkers. The downside is that the input might be biased and inconclusive.
  • When employees collaborate with your tool out of sympathy the return you get from it is much more authentic and can easily be extrapolated to the whole workforce. The responses and engagement come from the heart and are unbiased. However, the biggest downside is that if your company has a negative workplace culture or if the gap between the management and the employees is already too wide, the return can be slim.

Internal Communication

Today’s workforce can be quite dispersed, as COVID-19 has opened the doors to more remote working opportunities. This has a huge impact on employee intimacy and brings along new challenges, among which internal communication.

Workplace Culture

The next big buzzword on employee engagement is workplace culture. Never have there been this many burnouts and depressed employees. Choosing between a successful career and a rewarding private social life is no longer a choice for either, it’s becoming a choice for both. Work-life balance is a struggle on its own and only a sustainable company is able to help their employees overcome this struggle.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR sometimes has a negative connotation as being a way to greenwash an organization. However, acting responsibly towards the environment and social welfare is key for companies that want to reach a high employee engagement.

Employee Advocacy

Pride is the keyword when it comes to employee advocacy. Because being proud to work for a company is the first step towards carrying out this feeling. In essence, employee advocacy is the ultimate proof of a healthy company and the final outcome of all the efforts to engage the employees.



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Patrick De Pauw

Patrick De Pauw

CEO of Social Seeder. Our mission is to help build meaningful companies through an increased brand pride and employee engagement among the workforce.