7 Child Safety Products to Keep Your Little Ones Safe at Home

Once you have a baby, it is imperative and our responsibility as parents and guardians to keep them safe and secured all the time. Yes, it is quite a task but not impossible as there are many child safety products available these days that can help in child proofing our homes. Buying child safety products is actually not a cost but an investment as they help in securing the present and in turn the future of our children. At times such products are not budget-friendly, however if one can afford them, then all these safety gadgets and equipment are a must-buy.

You might get confused on what all child safety products to buy in order to baby-proof your home. Well it depends on factors like the age of your child, your budget and the actual requirement. You should always consider these basic factors before you step out or log in to buy stuff. Don’t shop for products in a haste and pick up products that are of no use to you. Be careful before buying them only go for those as per the need. Mentioned are 7 child safety products that are essential for child-proofing your house

Door Blocks & Stoppers: If your baby has started crawling or walking then use should definitely get door blocks and stoppers installed. Small children are not careful as they are not aware of what might go wrong in case a door slams on them or their little hands get jammed on the door hinges. Door blocks ensure that nothing of this sort happens and allows your little one to move around the house without get injured because of the doors .Go for the door blocks that have a hassle-free installation and that can fit on any kind of door.

Corner Guards: At times walls have protruding corners and sharp edges and an active crawling or walking toddler is at risk of getting hurt if he/she falls against them. It is better to safeguard them by using corner guards that provides perfect coverage of these sharp edges and corners. These guards are easy to install and you can cover those walls where your little one ventures the most. Corner guards are also available for sharp furniture edges of tables and chairs so that your child is safe from any injury if he bumps into any furniture.

Baby Monitors & Cameras: At times it is not possible to be around the baby all the time. There are different chores that a mother has to do at home and hence the baby might be lift unattended for some time in the cot or crib. That is the reason why we have included baby monitors and cameras in the list of the 7 essential child safety products. These gadgets are boon in such a scenario. A baby monitor is a hands on gadget that has 2 sets of which one is kept near the baby and one is the parent. It allows you to keep a check on your little one even when you are in the other room .Your baby can also hear your voice if you want to talk to her. Choose the one that has a good range. Similarly cameras installed in the baby’s room can help keep a tab on them either via a monitor or on your phone as well .Technology has truly assisted parents a little better especially for a nuclear family set up where you do not have many people to take care of the little one. These gadgets keep your children secured even when you are not very close to them, physically.

Electric -socket Guards: Another important child safety products to keep your baby safe from electric shocks. Your ever curious crawling toddler loves to put her hand in almost anything specially electrical sockets. These sockets can prove to be very dangerous if not covered with the proper socket guards .The child can end up getting a bad electric shock. So it always better to get these points covered and stay protected.

Slide locks for Cabinets: Children love to open cabinets and drawers which might result in injuries. There are different kinds of slide locks available that lock the drawers and cabinets and make it impossible for the little one to open them and hence keep them safe.

Nappy Locking Pins : If you are using cloth diapers for your child then you should buy good safety locking pins that are easy to hold and safe for use . Good nappy locking pins would give complete protection to the baby even while he’s moving, crawling or walking.

Safety Gates: A must-have again if you have a crawling or walking kid and especially if there is staircase in the house. These safety gates ensure that your little one is safe and is unable to cross the marked area. You may also install them near the kitchen or bathroom door so that the child cannot enter these areas without your supervision and presence