I Want To Be Safe

How many of you want safety? Probably after asking this question, you all will say ‘yes’! But, is safety always remains in your mind? Did the word ‘safety’ make it to your top 5 list? Below are some of the suggestions of various girls that what they think about safety and whether they think about safety or not?

“Safety! Whenever we hear this word, picture of a girl /women pop up in our mind automatically. The answer lies in the word itself. Safety to a girl means if she can walk around freely without any fear, if she can wear whatever she wants, if she can have late night light parties, then a girl can say that she is safe,” said swati, who is currently studying MCA from Banasthali University.

Also, she adds, “Safety in India is like wishing for water in the desert. Women/ girls are not safe in India, even an auto rickshaw driver passes comments on a girl passing by. Most boys/men in India thought that it is their birth right to nag a girl. Every other day, we read about the rape case or woman harassment. A woman in India can never be safe, no matter how many laws are passed for their safety.”

Priyanka from Delhi University has some different opinion on this. She said, Safety to me is everything! Safety should be a top priority of women. Being safe is not that you should stay at home always. It also means that you have to be brave enough to remain safe sometimes.

She further adds, “India is definitely a place to be safe! I am saying this because I know the situations of other countries where stepping out in the morning means may be one can never be back. I think India is much much better country to remain safe.”

Radhika, passed out from Motilal College of Delhi University says, “Safety “a word we use every day and the thing which is ignored every day. Safety to me is being protected from the evils of the society. It’s not just about our personal safety; it’s about safety of each and every woman.

If we talk about the safety of women in the society, it’s just another topic to debate about. The problem is mentality and thinking of people. Safety for women is always been a matter of grave concern in our country. The nature of Indian society is that they give respect to women of their mother’s and sister’s but on the other hand they harass the other women who are also mother and daughter of someone. It’s not that institution is not taking care of women’s safety, they are trying to implement different laws, safety measures in the current law but I think they are too slow to implement those. We really don’t need to look at statistics to confront the horrid truth. We get to know new stories of women being raped, beaten, killed every day and we are all aware of it that women’s are still not safe India.

Women will only be safe in India when the mentality of the people or we can men will change and the punishment for harassing a girl will be more strict.

The opinions above can easily let you know that how safety is important in the country. So, are you ready to be safe??

Stay Safe! Stay Protected!

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Originally published at safetyforwomen.quora.com.

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