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Edward Evans, CEO, Social Tech Trust

When Saka’s penalty was excruciatingly saved by the Italian keeper, Donnarumma, in England’s Euro 2020 final defeat, the torrent of online racist abuse was quick to follow. What wasn’t so quick, was the response of the tech platforms that play host to such abhorrent views. With plenty of time to prepare, they haven’t just failed to score with their response, they’ve barely kicked the ball.

What realistic chance is there that these platforms are going to accept some accountability and forge new ways to tackle hate speech and racism? How different would it be…

By Anne Radl, Programme Development Manager and Jessica Dillon, Communications Manager at Social Tech Trust

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COVID-19 has got us all thinking about the ‘essentials’. We’ve learned who is ‘essential’, or ‘key’, including health and social care workers, educators, transit operators and supermarket workers. We’ve found out what is essential: we have a newfound gratitude for the food in our store cupboards, a regular wage or substituted emergency income (if we’re lucky enough), our NHS and of course, toilet paper.

And as humanity faces total reorganisation, people are also opening up free access to the things that help us feel connected…

Natalie Tucker, Impact Manager, Social Tech Trust

Anne Radl, Development Manager at Social Tech Trust with 2019 Microsoft AI for Good Cohort

As Microsoft’s AI for Good programme attests, artificial intelligence and machine learning hold enormous potential for social impact, but how can AI start-ups understand and capitalise on this opportunity?

“Impact management” is about measuring both the positive and negative effects of our work on people and the planet, then — critically — using these insights to inform decisions that maximise the positive and minimise the negative. …

Edward Evans, CEO, Social Tech Trust

Tesla’s Roadster is hurtling towards Mars at over 34,000 mph, but back on earth, the company seems to be moving at a somewhat slower pace. Production problems have limited the company’s ability to meet demand, but perhaps their biggest threat is the increased competition as electric vehicles go mainstream. Volvo’s move to make all its new cars electric or hybrid by 2019 is the latest step to introduce more competition to the luxury end of a growing market.

It may feel like a headache right now, but in terms of their vision to accelerate…

Social Tech Trust

Tech’s potential to change lives is greatest when it’s driven by social transformation. We explore the social issues where tech can help transform lives.

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