Casinos Becoming More Popular on Mobile

Online gaming reaches as far back as the early 1990s, when technology allowed developers’ ideas to flourish. This was a renaissance for how we play games and now we’re going through yet another drastic change to the order of things. The mobile game, once the new kid on the block, has overtaken PC gaming in a shock turn of events.

When apps came around, it seemed like they’d totally revolutionise the way that we interacted online. What no one could predict was the degree that this would happen, now it seems like just about every game has a mobile counterpart. In the case of mobile only games like Farmville or Candy Crush, they’ve worked hard at the micro transaction market to make them more profitable.

Mobile casinos are no exception to this sweeping generalisation and have taken on the change in their stride. Now, it’s getting to the stage where it’s unheard of for a site not to offer a mobile platform, as they essentially side step a massive part of the market.

More and more players have the capacity to and choose to play on their mobile device for a multitude of reasons. Some prefer to use mobile casinos like those recommended on because they enjoy the convenience factor, others like the security, some prefer their tablet or smartphone for more graphically intense games. No matter what the reason for this is, these players are exponentially growing in value and market share.

Advances in technology make it easier and more feasible than ever to access games in this way. It’s no longer a cumbersome process and it doesn’t drain your battery as it once would have. In the infancy of these games, not all phones even had a browser on them never mind the technology needed to run and play them. Flash and Java came along in their mobile format and the gaming industry hasn’t looked back since.

If we look back at the quality of games being produced and provided in the genesis of mobile gaming, the difference to today’s gaming is astonishing. Gone are the pixilated graphics and dodgy soundtracks, instead they’ve given way to a sleeker, cooler casino gaming world. Users today are much more discerning than they once were and part of this is down to the fact they can vote with their wallet. If a site is no longer bringing their A game, they’ll just go elsewhere.

The industry is always looking to break into the next tech advancement and we might have a hint as to what that is. The explosive launch and flourishing of Pokémon Go has us wondering if Augmented Reality might be the next hit for the gaming industry. Like mobile gaming once was, it’s still in its infancy and people need to decide how they will use it. Picture this though, imagine sitting at your kitchen table and using your phone to see cards and a dealer in front of you. This would be amazing and it could be possible in the near future.

With tech and gaming such volatile industries, it’s hard to say which directions they’ll go in next. It seems only logical that as the consumer base continues to grow, the number of operators will too. Whether this can be sustained or if it will lead to a bust is yet to be seen.

Originally published at SocialUnderground.