Kylo Ren gets updated and some new ‘Executioner’ Storm Troopers await ‘The Last Jedi’

The crew over at got their hands on a few sketches for the upcoming ‘The Last Jedi’ that’s due out later this year. Warning potential spoilers ahead.

It looks like Captain Phasma is getting some updated soldiers by her side. Introducing the new ‘Executioner’ Storm Troopers. Really they’re regular Storm Troopers with a black shoulder pad and black strip on the helmet. They do also seem to be carrying a new weapon. It looks similar to that electric twirly stun baton that Fin went up against in his first Light Saber battle on Takodana where he completely got his ass kicked. But these are longer and double bladed. More like a staff. I guess Phasma survived or never went down the ‘garbage disposal’.

Kylo Ren has also received a few updates. Gone is the tattered cape he wore in TFA. The leader of the ‘Knights of Ren’ is now sporting a full complete cape. Rumor is this might be Grandaddy Vader’s actual cape. Which makes sense given his obsession with the iconic Sith Lord. His helmet is rumored to have only slight changes but is stylistically different then the one from episode XII. Longer in the back and without the battle damage and scratches. And yes we will definitely be seeing Ren with his new battle scars from the beating he took from Rey at Star Killer base.

Get ready for Kylo Ren 2.0 in ‘The Last Jedi’. You can view the sketches at the website.

Originally published at SocialUnderground.