Noosphere Engineering School, headed by Max Polyakov announces plans for 2018

The Noosphere Engineering School, founded by Max Polyakov, is a famous project that allows students and young scientists to acquire knowledge in space engineering, robotics and the newest information technologies, as well as gain experience and bring innovative ideas to life. The Noosphere Engineering School was established in 2014 and still continues to develop dozens of modern solutions to almost all spheres of life.

The plans of Noosphere Engineering School for 2018

According to Max Polyakov, this year the project is significantly expanding its borders. First of all, the research and development, engineering and space constructing programs are now available not only in Dnipro, but also in other big cities, including Kiev, Cherkasy and Rivne.

Currently, the Noosphere Engineering School has a variety labs:

- Space Engineering laboratories

- Laboratory of robotics and electronics

- Laboratory of effective nature management

- Laboratory of space research and technology

- Laboratory of problems of creating IT-systems

- Laboratory of developing games

The Noosphere Space Engineering School is a new, promising project, initiated by Max Polyakov, founder of EOS. The program gives its participants unique opportunities to design and develop small satellites and suborbital rockets, using modern solutions and devices. CubeSats and CanSats remain to be the major subject of interest of most students, who take part in the project.

The Noosphere Space Engineering School offers numerous programs in three fields , including Manufacturing Technology, Optimal Design and Non Destructive Testing.

Moreover, Max Polyakov continues to support a long list of space contests and tournaments for hi-tech projects, offering the winners cash prizes and the chance to implement their prototypes.One of the recently established contests, Star Track, was developed to attract young enthusiasts with innovative ideas in the space industry. This year, the winners of the competition received 5000 UAH to test their solutions.

What are the most promising projects of the Noosphere Engineering School?

- ArtOS. This solution is a fire control system with the ability to make more precise targeting and offers extended functions for firing management. The program, initiated at NES and supported by Max Polyakov, has been fully implemented. Currently, ArtOS is an independent project used by the military.

- My Police app. The application, developed at NES, was designed to improve communication between citizens and police. The My Police app includes an SOS button for urgent issues that automatically sends the user’s location and data to the police station. Moreover, it enables its users to access a handy map of emergency and police centers, rate police officer professionalism, and document crimes. The My Police app was also chosen and has already been launched in four regions.

- SenseBridge. An innovative solution for transferring tactile messages. The technology has already been implemented in a prototype.

- Copter Race Timer. A system that records the time of flight of drone copters that was successfully tested on the World Games 2017 in aerial sports with significant support from Max Polyakov.

- Power Box. Another winning project from Noosphere Engineering School is a smart battery charging solution.

- AQI Sensor. AQI Sensor is a system, developed to determine air quality. The scientists and students are currently working on the implementation.

Noosphere Space Engineering School with its founder, Max Polyakov, offers countless new projects, including LaserClock, Surakat, Step2Discovery, MUSICMED and many others. Moreover, its leaders are planning to arrange a number of contests for talented youth in 2018.

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