Stephen Hawking reminds us technology will kill us all, but it’s fixable

The end is coming soon, and it’s our fault. In an interview with The Times, Stephen Hawking reiterated that humankind faces a wide range of threats ranging from climate change to mass species extinction. “Since civilization began, aggression has been useful inasmuch as it has definite survival advantages.” Hawking told The Times.

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“It is hard-wired into our genes by Darwinian evolution. Now, however, technology has advanced at such a pace that this aggression may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war. We need to control this inherited instinct by our logic and reason.” But don’t worry, Hawkins is optimistic and thinks there’s still a way to fix all of this. “This might mean some form of world government. But that might become a tyranny. All this may sound a bit doom-laden but I am an optimist. I think the human race will rise to meet these challenges.”

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