Swearing can make you pretty damn strong

Damn straight! Researchers found that swearing is actually good for you. In two separate tests, researchers made participants exercise to see if cursing improved their performance.

They asked people to do 30-second intervals of cycling and lifting while shouting a neutral word on the first interval and cursing on the second. In the first test, 29 people pedaled on a bike as hard as they could for 30 seconds, The results showed that people’s strength improved 4.8 percent in the first test and 8.2 percent in the second when swearing.

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“One explanation is that swearing distracts people from pain. Or it might be that swearing makes people more disinhibited — it makes them let go. When you’re not holding back, you’re not worried about what you’re doing, that could enable extra performance.” Keele University Researcher Dr. Richard Stephens

So next time you’re in pain go curse like a f — -ing sailor.

Originally published at SocialUnderground.

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