Uber cuts surge pricing in NYC’s Chelsea amid price gouging accusations

I mainly use Lyft when going third party on my mobile transportation needs. So i’ve never heard of ‘surge pricing’ for ride sharing. When i’m in New York one of the first things I do is purchase a $5 umbrella. When it’s raining in NYC umbrella’s go from $5 to $20 because of the urgent need to stay dry. The weather changes much quicker on the east coast. Looks like Uber is employing the same tactic to their ride share service.

Passengers attempting to hail Uber cars during New York City’s explosion on Saturday night hammered the service for gouging customers during a dangerous incident.

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The decision to impose “surge pricing,” which Uber uses during periods of high demand for its cars, led to complaints on social media as customers accused the company of price-gouging. Uber removed the price increases in Chelsea almost immediately after learning of the explosion.

Originally published at SocialUnderground.

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