An Estimated Return: How Does it Work?

One of the interesting concepts in PoolBit is definitely the usage of Estimated Return. It’s true that numbers are usually accurate, especially when talking about earnings, tokens etc. — But sometimes, inaccuracy can be the most accurate method offered.

When placing a bet on PoolBit, each player will get an estimated return based on his bet and the CURRENT situation of the prize pool. i.e. if I bet on 100 STP on a team with a x1.3 odd, my estimated win won’t be 130 STP, but a variant which depends on the number of players in each pool, and the amount of STP placed.

Why is it so?

PoolBit is the first crypto-based pool betting, and because of that, the betting process is totally different than classic betting — With a twist.

You can get even more than the original bet x odd formula, thanks to the versatility of this method — If the pool is big enough, you can earn extra STPs with no extra actions from you — Just sit back and enjoy the additional tokens!

What does the future hold?

Thanks to this unique idea and formula, PoolBit is going to get even better and bigger — The more players who join the platform, the more players who can join each game and place a bet. When the player base is big, the pools are big — And so are the earnings. Each player could potentially achieve a much higher number of tokens thanks to those who joined the effort and made PoolBit the big sports community that it is.

You see — The social element is showing on every topic and action related to PoolBit. Come and enjoy betting the way it was supposed to be, with friends, for your fun and benefit, and without any pesky third side parties that only plan on getting your money for their gain. This is the new sports world. This is your new world. Come and enjoy it.