It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month.

And a month it was.

The world cup has come to an end. After 4 years on anticipation, it came — And delivered. We were witnesses to many excellent, exciting and thrilling games, had our surprises, moments of joy, hope, and sometimes sadness and anger. But hey, that’s soccer.

Another exciting promise that happened at the same time was the token sale at BitGoals. The promising project that came to life only a few months ago, already established a loyal and firm base, that allowed it to successfully achieve its goals.

After a month, the BitGoals team was happy to announce that they have reached their sales goals, allowing them to continue onwards to various goals, including registering their currency (STP Token) at various stocks markets — And that’s just the beginning towards a new dawn for the sports and gaming worlds — A world of a unique and special currency that will create the biggest, most united sports community to ever exist.

As for the finals themselves, BitGoals launched another resourceful activity — The first use of a pool peer to peer betting, based on a smart contract. This activity was open to any player who registered and made a bet, allowing them to win up to 100,000 STP tokens. Each team got its own pool of 100,000 that got more STP tokens as more and more voters vouched in. The pool of France got its supporters the awaited prize, that was equally shared among each and each one of them.

After a month like this, what can be said? A good start can probably one mean thing — It’s going be epic!

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