You always remember the first time.

It’s time to be a part of yet another great event, an event that can change the sports and gaming worlds, forever. The event that advances BitGoals even further, and sets up another milestone in the history of sports, gaming, crypto, and even the world itself.

This event is the first use of smart contracts within the BitGoals platform — And you’re more than welcome to join it!

Anyone can enter their vote on the key question in the last month — Who will win The World Cup finals today — France or Croatia? In a totally different approach from regular bets, BitGoals uses a smart contract in order to create a safe, fast and simple activity suited for each player who wants to cast his vote. Each vote increases the winning pool for the other team (i.e. a vote for France will give Croatia + 100 tokens, and vice versa. ), so the thrill is even bigger.

When the final whistle will blow, the smart contract will automatically declare the winner, based on the most accurate information sources. The prize pool will be equally shared among all the participants (i.e. if there are 1,000 people in the winning team pool, the prize for each member will be the total prize sum / 1,000). As for you, all that is needed is just obtain the prize that’ll be automatically be updated in your wallet (If you voted for the right team, of course).

No more chasing the bookie, having to wait days, weeks and even months to cash out your earnings, unfair odds or placements or waiting for things to update. BitGoals gives you the option to bet within your desires, time and money — Because that’s the way it’s meant to be.

So feel free to join us at and place your vote — It’ll be worth it!

See you at the site and in the finals,

The BitGoals team.

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