We have a question for you:

Have you ever been a part of history?

Now it’s your chance to do so.

Meet Zen Protocol, the next step in the evolution of financial systems. This project allows you to quickly create smart and reliable contracts that’ll grant you the option to trade via peer to peer technology, without the need or usage of third party companies.

And you also know us: BitGoals, the crypto solution that’s aimed to create a revolution in the sports world, allowing you to play, buy, trade and bet with one ultimate currency that’s suited to a united sports community.

But how are we related to Zen Protocol?

We’re proud to announce that the answer lies in a very special cooperation that was signed just recently between Zen Protocol and BitGoals, that Attaches BitGoals’s token (STP) over Zen Protocol’s blockchain.

What is the meaning of this agreement, and what does it imply to the crypto investors?

The answer is simple, yet brilliant. It basically allows peer to peer bets, without any interfering whatsoever — It means no bookie, no house, no extra fees, no regulation, or basically — Something completely different than what we were used to get, until now. Do you want to freely bet with a friend? Go ahead, And that’s just the beginning.

Using Zen Protocol’s advanced technology, each bet can be placed using its smart contracts system, allowing you to secure any transaction you make. This process was created in order for you to only deploy your time for the bet itself, with no worries or concerns needed.

How will it work?

When a bet is placed, the smart contracts are used as the ‘escrow mechanism’ for the betting pot. The tokens represent an interest in the pot — For example, if there are 16 teams in a tournament, $100 is put in the contract and 16 tokens are issued against the contract itself. At the end of the tournament, the winning team’s token can be traded for $100, creating a smart, focused and convenient system for all sides.

This cooperation is a clear example of combining two unique concepts in order to create the best atmosphere for players who are interested in using BitGoals’s service, while fulfilling both projects wills and ambitions.

For us, the goal is to create a strong sports community, and this cooperation achieves it by allowing betting between players, while giving them the security and connection they need in order to do so.

As for Zen Protocol, this team-up allows for yet another project to be based off its interesting and creative platform, which takes one more step towards being the future of financial systems all over the world.

As you can see — After creating such a strong basis for you to bet freely — All that’s left for you is just join the next best thing to happen in the crypto world, and take your place in history’s web pages.

BitGoals token sale is live now www.bitgoals.com

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