Some Fresh Ideas for PoolBit’s New Players

Have you already joined the exciting platform which is PoolBit?

If so, things can sometimes seem tricky — But once you get the hang of it, the game is on!

For that phase, we’ve decided to give you some ideas that may inspire your regular play at our platform, resulting in a diverse and interesting plays and methods you can use in your daily routine and add even more experience to the mix. Are you ready to begin?

Classic Duo — Take out your best friend for a betting craze. Each of you chooses a few games, and you go all in with it. Not in the classic matter, but in a whole different way — Each player chooses the game and the outcome, and the other friend goes with him on the same game and outcome. You may lose some, but a brother’s bond is something else. Feel free to really win — With a friend who makes it all a different and better experience!

Free for All — This one takes at least 4 friends. Pick a few games, but don’t tell anyone who are you going to bet on. Enter every lobby and place your bet, and see who’s against who. Believe us — The sports event is going to be more exciting than ever, with every score resulting in some of you guys cheering and some of you trying to get somewhere to cover your face in. But in the end — It’ll be jolly fun!

Teams — Take a group of friends, and divide yourselves into teams. Each team chooses at least 3 games, and in the end, the team who got the most accurate guesses wins. This challenge can be long, but the result is quite satisfying for any side on the field.

Host — This one is regarding a future feature of PoolBit, but it’ll be fun none the less — Open a lobby for you and your friends, and see how things are going! Enjoy the full and fun benefits of betting with friends, with the best technologies in the market — Blockchain, Smart contracts, custom wallet and more. Upgrade your experience and enjoy both world — The way you should and how you really want it to happen.