“Care to make that interesting?” Let’s face it — All of us have heard that sentence in one way or another. It doesn’t matter where, when or how, It’s a part of the human nature — Especially if there’s a benefit involved. Sometimes, it’s just the thrill itself, but one thing is for sure — It sure is interesting.

Over the decades since the creation of the world wide web, we’ve seen some promising concepts in the area, and one of them is the “localization” of sports betting as sites, services and more. After many years of a big and active community. we can safely assume that it’s on a safe way to failure.

Wait, what? Is this a joke?

No, It’s not a joke. It’s an observation based on insights, insights of many experts and professionals who’ve dedicated many valuable assets that include money, time and even their own personal health to be a part of it. And in the end, they got to that conclusion. Question is, why is it so?

The answer lies in breaking the whole concept into pieces, and understanding the problems in every one of them. Let’s begin and see the flaws in one of the most profitable industries in the world.

The first stop is first minute in — When you register your account, you need to free some time. Why? Because setting it up takes time, because updating your payment info takes time, and because waiting for verification takes time. Today, no one likes to wait — We’re used to getting our services and products ASAP and on the go. Things get more eager you’re talking sports — Because anything happens in real time. So good luck on earning that profit when the game was due 2 hours ago, and good luck doing it over and over again with other sites.

You’ve managed to register in time? Great, now all of that information is stored in the site’s database. Guess what? Check out the news bulletins about any articles and items about databases getting hacked. As you’ll see for yourself, most data services are always in danger of getting their info leaked, sometimes even more than once. It’s not about money, it’s about one of your most valuable assets — Your information. As a matter of fact, some of those sites even store your intel in third party services, and sometimes even sell it. And that’s before the chance that the whole site is a fraud.

So, you’ve prepared yourself for something like that. You go and place your money. But wait. you can’t. Why so? Because you just can’t. The house decided that you can’t place that much, that many, or basically anything.

You still haven’t given up, chose your stakes, and even won. Congratulations! But wait. First of all, you need to pay commissions and fees. Some of them are taken before and some are taken after, but all of them sum up to a high percentage of your win. You see, you need to pay the bookie, the house, the site’s maintain fees and more. After all of that ,you end up with only a percent of the money you’ve earned, but there’s more — You have to wait. Even in 2018, the concept of instant payment is irrelevant in this genre. It’s pretty tedious when you can pay quickly, but get paid when they decide it’s time.

And to top all of that — Regulation. Even in chance based industries, one thing is certain — There’s always a higher authority that can always shut down everything without any further notice. Until then, they can always add to the fees that you pay, delay things even further, or just decide to make your sports life harder than ever.

After we’ve cleared the obstacles, it’s time to talk about the solution — BitGoals.

As the names suggests, BitGoals is the combination of crypto currencies with goals — Either by the sports term, or simply by achieving a special goal. That goal is to change the sports world and create a brand new platform. How?

Meet the guys behind BitGoals — A team of enthusiastic and experienced people from various fields — Media & new media, investments, business development & strategy, trading, graphic design, digital, content, sports — And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The project was founded by Ben Harris & Gal Yogev, who decided to do so after many years in the business — And that’s the beauty in it: The change comes from the inside. But how?

Bitgoals is a crypto currency that will be the ultimate standard in the sports arena — Every site will switch and adapt to that change, and create a bigger and better market in all aspects.

It all starts with one single login — Just do it once in order to access all the sites, with one wallet. A simple act that can save you precious time, and allows you to enter the game instantly.

Your information? Safely stored using advanced Blockchain technology. The only safety hazard is your actions. Keep your friends close, but your encryption closer.

Your limits? Almost nonexistent. BitGoals special smart contracts service allows you to bet by YOUR limits — As long as you can stand behind your actions, you’re more than fine. Bookie? What’s that? Anything you do and deal with is presented for you in full detail and transparency.

Payout? Almost instant, just ask to withdraw. Regulation? None — Enjoy your independence.

If you’re reading this, you probably realize the current state of sports affairs, and if you know what you want, you know want it to change. It’s time to make that change happen, and that change will happen with BitGoals. So now, you know where to really place your money — And it’s not a bet, it’s a winner.

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