Why Go with PoolBit?

The sports betting sites aren’t what they used to be, and there needs to be a change. That’s for sure.

But one or more might ask — What does the alternative offer for the players?

Many have tried to come with a solution, making the community be suspicious of anything new that might hide something not so nice in their sleeve. And all of that is completely logical.

But even with those debts, the need for a change is here, and that change is PoolBit.

So, what’s so special about it? Why should you use it? What’s the difference and what makes sure that this is going to be real?

That, and many more, is why you should go with PoolBit.

Transparency — People want and deserve to know what’s going on, especially when their money is involved. PoolBit shows exactly how much money do you have, what are the games, what are the odds, what are the prizes, including various stats and info suited especially for them, with an ease of access.

Social — We’re people, therefore we’re social. Sports is a field where no one plays alone, and so should the sports betting be. Betting is way more fun with friends, and that’s why you can freely play with them whenever you want on PoolBit’s social platform. Enjoy the game, the way it was meant to be!

Professionalism — We want service and products from those who know what they’re doing. The team behind PoolBit is a team made from people who know that sports world upside down, love it and want to improve it in any way they can. Only with that in mind, the sports platform can be really called a SPORTS platform, thus creating a real, big and thriving community of people who really breathe and live the field.

It Works Like it Should’ve Been Long Ago — Ever since our first bet as toddlers, we wanted it to be quick and simple: The terms are placed, the agreement is on, and when the terms are met, the winner gets it all. There’s no reason why any of those factors can’t be simple or tedious, and that mind is part of PoolBit’s vision: Bet with ease, win with ease, earn with ease. Anything that needs more than a few clicks is probably not something you should place your money on, and anyone who doesn’t respect your money, doesn’t respect you as well.

Those reasons and more are what makes PoolBit such a refreshing and exciting solution. If that’s not enough, you’re more than welcome to check our site, and see for yourself — The hype is real.