Why The Sports Betting Sites Have Lost it

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably going to understand this article.

Because this article is going to include the things that make you feel unsatisfied with the current situation of sports betting around the world.

Let’s face it — It’s here, it’s popular, it’s big and it’s here to stay. But on the same page, there are many flaws. Critical and serious ones, that can’t be ignored -Believe us, we’ve tried.

When sports betting sites offer you to register, everything seems just fine — Just come and play, get money and do whatever you want with it. In reality, things are amazingly different, and create a tedious and annoying process, put in contrast with the fact that the whole thing was supposed to be fun and fulfilling.

Register? Take your time sir. You first need to do that, and bring that, and apply for that, and then? Wait for the confirmation. When? Nothing is certain, but at least a couple of days. Please enjoy your stay and watch at all of the sports games you’re going to miss out due to our bureaucracy. And there’s a lot of it.

And then — Place a bet! Whenever you want, wherever you want. Not including some unfair or low odds, restrictions and limits about the amounts of money placed or times played, and of course with a nice addition of fees sent directly to the bookie and the house with no option to reduce the price or at least get a pass of it.

Ok, you’re behind all of this — It’s to focus on the main event and the real deal — The sports events themselves! Who knows, maybe this game will give you the big prize that you’ve always wanted. And there — It did!

Like a good fan, it’s time to collect your prize. But before that, you need to wait, again. There’s a minimum needed to achieve before you can cash out, you need to wait a few days before it gets validated, and then another wait of more days, weeks and even months before the money actually arrives to you — Every time, again and again! If this won’t break your spirits — You’re a real champ.

But why should you suffer every time you want to have fun? Because of that exact question, PoolBit was created. Register and play in the matter of a few clicks and minutes, and enter the first pool based crypto sports betting in the world. Play with your friends without limits, no bookies and houses included and get your prize quickly and easily!

Now, what do you think of the sports betting sites? Do they really impress you anymore?

Join PoolBit and get the game going. For real.