Why Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Seems the buzz word in marketing for 2015 is “Influencer Marketing”. There is a good reason for that, well several really, but one is that social media marketing has matured to the extent that brands and businesses now know that their communities aren’t enough.

Influence marketing has really come around because brands and businesses understand the value of the audiences that have been built up by individuals. Not just the audience (follow/subscriber/like) numbers (i’ll come back to those) but engagement rates.

Usually, influencers (certainly the types of influencers we work with) have incredible “Hyper-Engaged” audiences in a niche they are truly passionate about (if they weren’t they wouldn’t have built an audience at all).

There are stats appearing all the time about how powerful influencers can be for building brands, offering early discounts, sales, crashing websites (when was the last time your advertising campaign broke your website?). Its funny, we used to always think about that, in those briefing rooms…its only successful if the site goes down.. maybe servers just got more reliable… anyway I digress.

This post is really to hit the problem head on with influencer marketing.

The problem is, right now, that brands aren’t involving influencers in the right way. Now, I know what you’re saying — “hang on, its your job as SocialTalent to make sure that influencers are used in the right way”. But, when I say this I mean there are more than just one problem here, let me address them one by one.

  1. Its all last minute add ons. Having spent a long time in marketing and advertising I know how things work. Change happens, briefs change, media budgets change, media schedules change, generally, stuff just changes. Sometimes, influencer marketing comes in to play at that late stage and sometimes thats ok. We like a challenge and like pleasing our customers with successful campaigns, but there is another way. Involving the influencers early, like in the creative process even (sometimes even in the briefing process) our influencers can even be involved in the planning process! These people are switched on. They own their own media channels for gods sake, give them the opportunity to add something to the idea.
  2. There is no story. Influencers want to be a part of the story, so tell a story that people can be involved in.
  3. You’ve identified the wrong people. OK, can’t do much about this, but you can improve it for next time, or if its your first campaign, lock the doors, turn off the distractions and spend some quality time researching the right people. Examine their feed, open up some tweets, look at the comments, see how people respond. Find the times they’ve worked with brands before and how its worked.
  4. Stop giving away free stuff for the wrong reasons. Honestly, the amount of stuff we get sent on a daily basis with a loose hope attached that someone will ‘tweet this’ is just plain shocking. Sure some of these are small businesses — its not like we’re getting £100,000 cars delivered every day (no, just once), its generally not presented well, not addressed to anyone in particular, not giving anyone any reason apart from ‘its our latest product’. Its not interesting, its not telling the story and its not involving people.

I could go on… but I don’t want to turn this into a rant post.

If your idea of influencer marketing is not involving people — how do you expect to get anyone involved?

We’re passionate about this space. I mean really passionate — we love working with really incredible people that tell their stories every day.

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