Hello, I’m Shaunti Founder/CEO of Socialbilitty Entertainment Social Blog, I’m also a Screenwriter/Filmmaker, and Web Designer.

In addition to my web design skills, I have written several Screenplays in various stages, have worked behind the scenes in various departments in Film & Television Productions, and also have experience as a former Talent Agent’s Assistant.

Socialbilitty functions with separate divisions such as a full-scale Independent Film & Television Production Company, still in development and as a Talent Management representative in the greater Los Angeles area.

As Socialbilitty grows, we will Promote Sponsored Social Mixers, Shows, and Exclusive Entertainment Events that are Free to all registered Members. We love the thought of meeting our Members in Person, and this is a great way of networking and connecting to those most important in molding and shaping careers.

Socialbilitty has been a labor of love sharing my experiences, and the internet is a great platform for which to discover new, current, and seasoned Artists within the Entertainment Industry, as well as to encourage Diversity. I believe our Members reflect that.

All talented individuals should be appreciated and able to seek knowledge and understanding in various fields of Entertainment, as well as to be confident in the high standards you offer, to share and utilize in your field of interest. Allowing the creation of Socialbilitty to mature, will be of a collective effort, with each one teaching one to strive to reach a more advanced state in the world of entertainment.

Therefore this Entertainment Social Blog will work to create more of an amazing experience than the ordinary, a true roller coaster ride for the 21st Century.


Originally published at socialbilitty.com on May 14, 2015.