Use These 5 AI Tools to Help Plan Your Next Event!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entertainer (DJ, Comedian, etc.) or an event planner planning events. These will help take time off your hands! And increase the crowd showing

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Where do we start?

At the beginning my friend, always at the beginning.

Planning an affluent event requires strategic planning, attention to detail, and more than management — it requires real leadership.

With AI advancing every day as fast as we expect because.. well.. it’s AI.. there are intelligent people creating new software continuously that’s making your life easier. And for some reason you’re still not using it?

So, here’s a list to help streamline your next event planning creative process. If all goes well, you’ll leave here thinking “holy sh*t.”

If not, you’ll leave with a smile because writing should be fun and curious.



  • User-friendly interface and intuitive
  • Extensive event promotion and ticketing features
  • Full-scale analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Integration with different third-party platforms and tools


  • Limited customization options for your event website
  • Higher fees for paid ticketing options

Price Point

Eventbrite offers three different plans: Flex, Pro, and Premium. Below is a screenshot of the “flex” pricing.

We hosted a local dance for an Aboriginal sports club in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada and used Eventbrite to host it. We didn’t have any issues with it. It’s the only reason it’s first on the list — it’s probably still at the top — but I didn’t want to come off biased.

Eventbrite’s Flex Pricing

Key Features

Eventbrite gives event organizers a complete suit of tools for creating, and managing events. It helps you create customized event pages, sell tickets, track registrations, and promote your event through different channels.

It’s use of analytics and reporting features are clutch when it comes to helping you measure the success of your event afterwards.



  • All-in-one event management platform with a focus on attendee engagement
  • Powerful networking and matchmaking features
  • Integration with popular CRM systems
  • Mobile app for ideal event experience


  • Limited customization options for your event website
  • Higher pricing compared to the other competitors

Price Point

Bizzabo offers customized pricing based on the specific needs, and scale of your event. Where do you go wrong? It’s a fair trade.

Contact their sales team for more information.

Key Features

Bizzabo is designed to enhance attendee engagement, and networking. It has some really neat features like: interactive maps, matchmaking algorithms, and personalized agendas to help connect relevant people to your sessions.

If you’re a Salesforce person it integrates there to. It helps streamline lead generation, and post-event follow ups.



  • AI-powered matchmaking and networking capabilites
  • Advanced analytics for deep event insights
  • Integration with other popular event management tools
  • Real-time messaging and appointment scheduling


  • Limited customization options for event branding
  • Higher learning curve for first-time users

Price Point

Grip leverages AI algorithms to encourage meaningful connections between a perfect trifecta: attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. It uses attendee data and behavioral patterns to suggest relevant matches and schedule appointments. As “Mean Girls” would say — “that’s so fetch.”

Hubb (Now “Notified”)

New website.


  • Comprehensive event management platform with a focus on content management
  • Easy-to-use interface for managing speakers, sessions, and presentations
  • Integration with popular event registration and ticketing systems
  • Robust reporting and analytics features


  • Limited customization options for website design
  • Higher pricing for large-scale events

Price Point

Hubb offers customized pricing based on your event size and specific needs. Contact their sales team for more information.

Key Features

Hubb (Notified) specializes in content management for events making it easier to create an authentic connection with your audience, and attendees. It provides a centralized platform for collecting and organizing event content like videos, and presentations.

It also has some neat features itself like: session voting, feedback collection, and it’s own anayltics UI.



  • Well-made event networking and community-building features
  • Customizable event website design options (yay)
  • Seamless integration with popular registration and ticketing systems
  • Mobile app for consistent attendee experience


  • Limited marketing and promotional features
  • Higher pricing compared to other competitors

Price Point

Pathable offers customized pricing based on your event size and needs. Contact their sales team for more information.

Key Features

Pathable focuses on fostering connections and building communities at events. It provides features like attendee profiles, private messaging, and community forums to facilitate sharing.

My favourite part is it’s ability to offer options in event website customization, and of course — it also has an app.

In Summary

When it comes to planning your next event, taking advantage of AI tools can help you connect, and build on already strong relationships. Eventbrite in our opinion, tops the list with its user-friendliness but Bizzabo and Grip aren’t far behind. They excel in their own ways, for their own reasons. They’re honestly both work checking out, and giving a try to see which one out of the two you like best.

We’re big fans of community building so Pathable is great as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. ♥

Don’t stress about which tools to choose, ultimately, there will be 15–25 more in the next 6-months to a year. At which points, I’ll revisit this list and keep you event managers & entertainers updated.

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