A Quick Rant About House Democratic Misleader Nancy Pelosi

Letting Trump’s Hand-picked Democrat Become Speaker of the House Again Means “America is Already Great” 2.0

If there was any doubt that Nancy Pelosi is a terrible opposition leader, she removed all of it last night with her “victory” speech. It sounded like a concession speech! I mean your party (no thanks to you) just repudiated the GOP and took the House away from this vile bigot. Yet you want to talk about “bipartisanship?!” Why not say something mildly… I don’t know…. Oppositional!?

Like even as a corporate Democrat here’s what she COULD have said:

Thank you, America! Our victory tonight shows that voters chose to reject hatred in favor of common sense on the issues. Our win showed that on heath care, jobs, and social security, the American people trust us over our opponents. Now we move onto the next steps. It’s not always going to be easy (especially with such a defiant administration), but we are up to the challenge. Thank you and God bless America!

But she instead chose to talk about how she loves the GOP and wants to work with them. I’m sorry, I don’t think Democrats should want to work with Republicans — especially with how over-the-top racist and insane the party has gotten. It’s time to try to defeat conservativism, not coddle it.

What a losercrat!

Pelosi has no clue what people voted for last night. They didn’t vote for a party who would work better with the GOP. They voted against the GOP.

Shouldn’t it give people pause that Trump said she “deserves” to be speaker? In a normal political party that would be a kiss of death.

Please tell me there’s serious talk of opposing her.