Never giving up….

Today we’re in Berlin shooting content with Mariano Di Vaio and TechnoBuffalo, it was a very long day. First up, we had a briefing about the product with the influencers, ensuring they knew what it was all about, understanding the features and the capabilities. Then we were on set at locations all over Berlin, shooting a number of scenes with Mariano and preparing for the unboxing video with TechnoBuffalo late into the night.

As the hours go by, the fatigue starts to hit the team and we thought it would be good to show you guys, our audience that it’s not a 9–5 job, it’s a 24-hour job. You can never switch off and there is always something happening that will take your time or attention. It’s what you’ve got to do, to make the business happen, to keep clients happy and to ensure projects run smoothly.