Beam Fiber — just what I wanted !

Up till now I had been relying on Tata Photon for my internet needs but having a broadband connection was must — Not that photon was bad, it was great, but the rates weren’t as competitive as the broadband ones.

While I was in Noida, my friends always spoke of Hyderabad and Bangalore as of the best cities with amazing internet plans. And now that I’m here, I totally agree with them !

Just today, I moved to my new ISP Beam Fiber which isn’t spread all over India but is more common here in Hyderabad. Beam provides hi-speed internet connectivity through fiber optics. And by hi-speed, I mean Hi-SPEED !

[caption id=”attachment_1788" align=”aligncenter” width=”300"]

Download speed of 18mbps and upload of 15mbps, what can one ask for !

Download speed of 18mbps and upload of 15mbps, what can one ask for ![/caption]

And the rates are NOT sky high ! Compared to some of the leaders in broadband like Airtel and other ISPs — BSNL, MTNL, Beam provides very economical plans. For example, a 15mbps connections with a FUP of 60GB/month costs a mere 999/- and post FUP the speed comes down to 2mbps(decent enough !) I remember in Delhi, Airtel used to charge about 1200/- for a 4mbps connection with a FUP of 20GB.

Well, its time for some hi-speed stuff !

(PS this isn’t a paid post)