Tips for High Impact Presentation

At least once either during your college days or while at work, you would have been asked to give a presentation. It could have been a presentation related to a topic or as a part of the business requirement at your work place. Giving a presentation and public speaking are two key skills that are needed at work place today. If you are able to present yourself and sell the content, you’re great. I enjoy giving presentations, haven’t had a chance to give one at workplace yet but have given many presentation in college, so here are a few tips for high impact presentation.

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Tips for High Impact Presentation

Tips for High Impact Presentation[/caption]

Feel free while giving a presentation and don’t be nervous. If you are on a stage, walking across the stage is the a great way to lose that nervousness. If there’s no stage and if you have a table or podium, make use of it, place your hands on it. However make sure you don’t distract yourself either by fidgeting with your watch or a pen or anything else.

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Walking across the stage can be helpful. Image Courtesy:

Walking across the stage can be helpful. Image Courtesy:[/caption]

Making eye contact with the audience is very important. It’s makes the individuals feel that you are talking to them. If there are a lot of people, choose few faces across the hall who you think might calm you down. Look at them while talking, this will give an effect that you are talking to every individual in the hall.

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Making eye contact is very important. Image Courtesy:

Making eye contact is very important. Image Courtesy:[/caption]

Nobody wants to attend a boring presentation. It’s always good to add humor or share an anecdote to keep the audience involved. Share your past experiences related to the topic, it will create a great impact. Another way of keeping the audience interested is by asking them questions. Keep asking them about the presentation at regular intervals to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Presentation Why You So Boring ? Image Courtesy:

Presentation Why You So Boring ? Image Courtesy:[/caption]

If you are providing a presentation using a PowerPoint slide, make sure to not clutter the screen with lots of text. No one is interested to read paragraphs on the slides. Best was is to use bullet-ed / numbered points and follow the 5 x 4 rule. The rule is simple, either have 5 lines with about 4 words or 4 lines with five words to have a greater impact from your presentation.

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Powerpoint presentation. Image Courtesy:[/caption]

Ensure that you are loud and clear when you speak. If you think you get nervous facing an audience, practice in front of a mirror, trust me it works ! Also no one is in a hurry, so take your time before you speak. Frame a sentence in your mind before you speak, that will ensure you don’t fumble or stammer while you are speaking.

These were some of the simple tips that will help you give a high impact presentation either in college or at work. Since presentations have become and integral part of work, it’s always good to participate in presentation related event in class so that you lose the initial stage fear. Once you have overcome that addressing and presenting in front of a large crowd would be effortless.

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