Kate Middleton reveals truth about Pregnancy Beauty

Mother of Royal Baby Charlotte reveals truth about her Pregnancy Beauty

While the world is celebrating the lovely baby girl Kate reveals what beauty products she relied on to look stunning and glowing during her pregnancy here. When you’re pregnant, your beauty and health routine changes dramatically. However, Kate Middleton had to keep up with appearances, so she needed to find some beauty products :-). Check out some of her pregnancy must-haves:

Kate Middleton’s Makeup — She Does Her Own Rumor has it Kate does her own makeup for appearances.

According to *US Weekly*, she starts her routine with Karin Herzog Oxygen Face cream to balance her oily skin !

To overcome morning sickness, Kate used to take vitamin B6 to help with nausea, especially when she was traveling.” ![

Kate also practiced Yoga during her pregnancy to stay fit and to help “snap back quickly post baby,” a well-informed source told Us Weekly. !

News sites reported earlier this week about the new baby: “The delivery has taken place at the private Lindo Wing of the hospital, the same place where the Duchess’s first child ‘Prince George’ was born in 2013.”

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