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An Open Letter in Support of the Science Fair (Sign on to add your name)

Science and engineering play a vital role in driving economic growth, leading us to find cures and treatments to chronic disease, developing new sources of energy and building new technological innovations — and there is no greater celebration of this type of cutting-edge research than the science fair.

Fifteen-year old Nathan Han of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., won the ISEF 2014 Gordon E. Moore Award for his project which created a machine learning software tool to detect cancer-causing gene mutations.

Science fair was — and is — a celebration of the promise of science, technology, engineering and math. The science fair inspires students to think about a problem or an opportunity in our lives. It challenges students to use scientific inquiry, coupled with passion, to innovate and find solutions to some of our world’s most intractable problems.

Science and engineering fair alumni are changing the world. For decades these students have — and continue to — follow through with their research, seek patents, win awards and launch companies.

Today, science fairs, including the nearly 70-year-old International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) — the world’s largest international high school (STEM) competition — continue the essential goal of helping students to push themselves and change their world through scientific inquiry.

Each year, millions of high school students from around the globe enter the ISEF program — the most powerful STEM talent pipeline in the world. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of remarkable, talented and diverse young women and men conducting scientific research and directly participating in high level ISEF-affiliated science fairs.

These young people are acting on a curiosity about how to solve an issue or challenge, how they can make a contribution to society and are then pursuing their efforts with incredible energy. By celebrating the achievements of these young people, we raise global awareness of the excitement and importance of science, engineering and the scientific process.

There is no better way to learn than the practical application of a science fair project. Students who compete in science fairs come away with important life skills: science fairs provide students with presentation skills; inspire confidence and belief in one’s self; instill the passion of competition with the capability of research-driven exploration; and can open the door to endless possibilities.

For all these reasons, and for the promise of what ISEF, science fair and science can mean to a young person, we stand together and unequivocally state that we need ISEF and we look forward to the next sponsor to celebrate science fairs and the opportunity for scientific curiosity to thrive.

As science and engineering fair alumni, as judges, as volunteers, as teachers, as students competing for the first time in a science fair, and as supporters of science, we know the importance of science, and of all disciplines of science. We see it in the development of new sources of renewable energy and the biomedical advances saving our lives and the lives of those we love. We see it in the businesses that thrive across borders and in the emerging technologies spanning the globe that will unite the world and make it a better place for all of us.

We believe in science, we believe in the power of science fair, and we believe in the transformative experience that is the International Science and Engineering Fair.

We invite you to join with us here and by telling your stories at #futureofISEF.

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Nobel Laureate

Paul Modrich, 1964 ISEF, Duke & Howard Hughes Medical Institute

STEM Leaders

Wendy Ramage Hawkins, Intel Foundation (retired)
Paula Golden, Broadcom Foundation
Tracy Day, World Science Festival
Elizabeth Marincola, The African Academy of Sciences


Adam Bly, 1998 ISEF, Spotify
William Bencze, 1984 ISEF, 1985 STS, Apple, Inc.
Sheel Tyle, 2005 DCYSC, 2006–2008 ISEF, New Enterprise Associates
Rajen Sheth, 1992–1994 ISEF, 1994 STS, Google
Feng Zhang, 1998–1999 ISEF; 2000 STS, MIT
Dianne Newman, 1987–1988 ISEF, MacArthur Fellow, Caltech
Jonas Peters, 1989 ISEF, Caltech
Brian Greene, 1980 ISEF, 1980 STS, Columbia University
Nina Vasan, 2002 ISEF, 2002 STS, Psychiatry Innovation Lab
Erika Angle, 1997 ISEF, 1999 STS, Science from Scientists
Lawrence Fritz, 1970 ISEF, 1970 STS, Denali Therapeutics
Karan Jerath, 2013 & 2015 ISEF, student, The University of Texas at Austin
Raymond Wang, 2015 ISEF, student, Harvard
James E. Gunn, 1957 ISEF, MacArthur Fellow, Princeton
Samantha M. Marquez, 2011–2013 ISEF, 2014 STS, Yale
Gayle A. Edlund Wilson, 1960 STS, COSMOS Advisory Board
Shantanu Gaur, 2003–2004 ISEF, 2004 STS, Allurion Technologies
Ruth Amos, 2008 ISEF, Stairsteady
Mary Sue Coleman, 1959–1960 ISEF, 1961 STS, Association of American Universities, University of Michigan
Sara Sakowitz, 2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Columbia
Ari Dyckovsky, 2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, student, Stanford
Kai Kloepfer, 2013 ISEF, Biofire Technologies
Blake Marggraff, 2011 ISEF, Epharmix
Yosyp Schwab, 2009–2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, student, University of Virginia
Henry Lin, 2012–2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Harvard
Russ Wilcox, 1984 ISEF, E Ink
Hayley Barna, 2001 STS, First Round Capital
Geoffrey Woo, 2005–2006 ISEF, 2007 STS, Nootrobox
Thabit Pulak, 2012–2013 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Duke, iKormi
Tuan Ho, 2004 ISEF, Mira Technologies
Demetri Maxim, 2015 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Stanford
Barnett Koven, 2008 ISEF, 2009 STS, University of Maryland
Alexander Wissner-Gross, 1997 & 1999 ISEF, 1999 STS, Harvard, MIT
Scott McGregor, 1974 STS, Broadcom Corporation (retired)
Matt Fernandez, 2010–2011 ISEF, SimpleEmotion
Anarghya Vardhana, 2002 DCYSC, 2004–2006 ISEF, 2006 STS, Maveron
Krithika Iyer, 2013 BCM, 2015 ISEF, 2017 STS, IB World School
Aishwarya Vardhana, 2006–2007 DCYSC, 2011–2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, Stanford
Julia Nahman, 2014 ISEF, Wake Forest University
Joshua Meier, 2012 & 2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Harvard University
Anna Midgley, 2015 ISEF, Herschel Girls School
Hilary Fleischer, 2003 STS, Strattam Capital
Michael Cherkassky, 2007 ISEF, 2008 STS, Harvard
Keshav Mangalick, 2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, NYU School of Medicine
Nilesh Tripuraneni, 2005 DCYSC, 2006–2009 ISEF, 2009 STS, UC Berkeley
Alex Mentzelopoulos, 2010 STS, MIT
Ruochen Hao, 2015 ISEF, MIT
Geoff Schmidt, 1995–1998 ISEF, 1998 STS, Meteor Development Group
Sabin Karki, 2015 ISEF, Johns Hopkins University
Faye Jong, 2014 ISEF, Sunway College, Kuala Lumpur
Andrei Kolesnikov, 2015 ISEF, Novosibirsk State University
Patrick Facheris, 2011 STS, AppNexus
Kelli Lynch, 2010 & 2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, student, Northeastern
Victor Shia, 2006 ISEF, The Human Diagnosis Project
Mohammad Issa, 2008 & 2010 ISEF, inveeno
Shannon Vossler, 2002–2003 ISEF, 2004 STS, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Jamie Odzer, 2011–2013 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Brown
Rio Bennin, 1999 STS, Crossroads Labs
Alissa Aron, 2006 ISEF, 2007 STS, UC Davis
Princesa VanBuren Hansen, 1994 ISEF, 1994 STS, Breck School
Philip C. Hanke, 1999 ISEF, University of Bern
Samantha Dodbele, 2007–2008 ISEF, student, The Ohio State University
Casey Vaughn, 2003 ISEF, 2003 STS, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Rayna Gadzheva, 2014 ISEF, student, MIT
Dillon Sienko, 2013 ISEF, student, Boston University
Maya Jayanth, 2015 ISEF, The Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair Foundation
Rebecca Kaufman, 2007 STS, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Aimee Turner, 2010–2013 ISEF, student, Drexel
Fiona Hennig, 2010 ISEF, Children’s Hospital Research Institute
Jay Friedland, 1978 STS, Plug In America
Jeremy Hsu, 2007 STS, Chapman
Paige Brown, 2015–2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Stanford
Lana Nasief, 2011 ISEF, student, Jordan University
Alexander Gilbert, 2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, RKS Design
Chenzhang Hu, 2013 ISEF, student, The Ohio State University
Rachel Mashal, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS
Syed Ali Ahsen Muhammad Jafry, 2015 ISEF
Swapnav Deka, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, Rice
Tim Guldan, 2000 DCYSC, 2002–2003 ISEF, ISD 77
Cullen Blake, 1998–1999 ISEF, 1999 STS, University of Pennsylvania
Gary Wegner, 1963 STS, Dartmouth
Liz Baker, 2000–2002 DCYSC, 2003–2006 ISEF, 2006 STS, Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF)
Yeonso Sara Lee, 2012 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Yale
Gabriel Chiomento da Motta, 2014 ISEF, student, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Devin Srivastava, 2016 ISEF, Spartanburg Day School
Alicia Schiller Haynes, 1995 & 1997 ISEF, Central Lee High School
Rena Weis, 2011 & 2013 ISEF, student, University of Minnesota
Kathy Liu, 2015–2016 ISEF, West High School
Isaac Harper, 2013 ISEF, student, Brigham Young University
Paul Bracher, 1998 ISEF, 1998 STS Saint Louis University
Mark Kantrowitz, 1985 STS, Cerebly, Inc.
Lauren Huffstetler, 2012 ISEF, student, NC State University
Nikita Dodbele, 2008 ISEF, LS Technologies, LLC
Neerja Aggarwal, 2011–2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, student, MIT
Sunny Zheng, 2013 ISEF, student, Carnegie Mellon
Reid D’Amico, 2007 DCYSC, 2008–2011 ISEF, student, Vanderbilt
Heather Newman, 2015 ISEF, student, Princeton
John Capodilupo, 2010 STS, WHOOP, Inc.
Aileen Reischl, 1997 ISEF, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Stephen Le Breton, 2013 STS, student, Yale
Amrita Mohanty, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, Harvard
Molly Steen, 2003 DCYSC, 2005–2007 ISEF, 2007 STS, Indian Health Service
Vojtěch Boček, 2015 ISEF, AVAST Software s.r.o.
Aditya Mohile, 2015 ISEF, student, Georgia Tech
Matthew Chun, 2013–2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, MIT
Harry Saal, 1960 STS, Retrotope, Inc.
Helen McClaugherty Cosner, 1997 & 1999 ISEF, South Western City Schools
Alon Millet, 2012 BCM, 2014 & 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Yale
Rebecca Alford, 2011–2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, student, Johns Hopkins
Heather Hannahan, 1999–2002 ISEF, 2002 STS, Bridgestone Americas
Christopher Fregly, 2012 BCM, 2014 ISEF, student, Rice
Nada Askar, 2016 ISEF, Nile University
Sean Benson, 2013–2015 ISEF, University of South Alabama
Richard Ebright, 1975–1977 ISEF, 1977 STS, Rutgers
Alexis Vance, 2016 ISEF, student, Oklahoma State
Vishal Rajesh, 2015 ISEF, student, University of Texas at Dallas
Carolyn Jons, 2011–2012 BCM, 2013–2015 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, MIT
Jonathan Victor, 1970 STS, Weill Cornell Medical College
Elizabeth Coquillette, 2005 DCYSC, 2007 & 2009 ISEF, 2009 STS, Yale
Robert Montgomery II, 1999 ISEF, Apple, Inc
Manvitha Katta, 2013 ISEF, student, University of Houston
Karen Reynolds, 1954 NSF, San José State University
David Fan, 2015 STS, student, Princeton
Claude Boueri, 2013–2014 ISEF, student, Lebanese American University
Sanjana Rane, 2013–2016 ISEF, student, Harvard
Shubhangi (Nonie) Arora, 2009 & 2011 ISEF, University of Michigan Medical School
Arthur Lander 1975 STS, University of California, Irvine
Dominique Segura-Cox, 2005–2006 ISEF, University of Illinois
Stacey Huang, 2011 ISEF, student, Stanford
Maria-Graciela Hollm-Delgado, 1994 ISEF, Johns Hopkins
Sarah Fendrich, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, University of Pennsylvania
Marilyn Thompson, 1984–1985 ISEF, 1985 STS, Arizona State University
Diya Mathur, 2012–2013 BCM, 2015–2016 ISEF, duPont Manual High School
Ciara Stewart, 2016 ISEF, Eldon High School
Maira Lopes, 2014 ISEF, UERJ
Jennifer Zhang, 2013 ISEF, student, MIT
Kaleb Naegeli, 2001 DCYSC, 2003–2006 ISEF, 2006 STS, Duke
Sarah Maazouz, 2016 ISEF, student, Notre Dame
Abigail Orlando, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, Harvard
Katherine Cordwell, 2011–2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, University of Maryland, College Park
Terik Daly, 2005–2007 ISEF, 2007 STS, Brown
Langley Wallace 2016 ISEF
Giulia Maria Ramella, 2015 ISEF, USP
Lise Menn, 1956–1957 ISEF, 1958 STS, University of Colorado., Boulder
Connor Duffy, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, MIT
Annika Sullivan, 2006 & 2008 ISEF, ESA
Gurbani Kaur, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Harvard
Anand Ahuja, 2012 ISEF, student, Johns Hopkins
Brendan Liu, 2013 STS, student, University of California, Berkeley
Mary Brinkopf, 2006 ISEF
Amol Aggarwal, 2011 STS, student, Harvard
Melissa Baker, 1999–2000 DCYSC, 2002–2004 ISEF, Avery Dennison
Abigail Orlando, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, Harvard
E. Madeline Fagen, 2015–2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, University of Pennsylvania
Nina Schor, MD, PhD, 1972 STS, University of Rochester
Zhengdong Wang, 2016 ISEF
Matheus Passo, 2015 ISEF, student, Federal University of Maranhão
Christopher Barnes, 2016 ISEF, student, Kettering
Samantha Sandoval Toledo, 2013 ISEF, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
Caitlin Piccirillo-Stosser, 2014 STS, The University of Chicago
Amy Tai, 2007–2008 ISEF, 2009 STS, Princeton
Daniel Gonzalez, 2015 ISEF
Kevin Behar, 1974–1975 ISEF, 1975 STS, Yale
Demetrio Agustín Rodríguez Fajardo, 2014 ISEF, Universidad de Guadalajara. Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la salud.
Daniel Gonzalez, 2015 ISEF, Costa Rica’s Institute of Technology
Adam Bowman, 2010–2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Princeton
Sarah Mumbert, 2016 ISEF, student, Duke
Fabian Tschopp, 2013 ISEF, student, Institute of Neuroinformatics, Zürich
Monika Rodriguez, 2016 ISEF
Grace Hu, 2016 ISEF, 2017 STS, Jericho High School
Khalid Alzaid, 2015 ISEF, student, KSAU-HS
Edinson Perez, 2005 ISEF, student, Colegio Militar Gran Mariscal Ramo Castilla
Sheida Takmil, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, University of Pennsylvania
Linda S. Powers, 1996 STS, University of Arizona
Gwynne Ash, 1986 ISEF, Texas State University
Maria Elena Grimmett, 2011–2012 BCM, 2013–2016 ISEF, student, 2016 STS, Johns Hopkins
Tyler Ellis, 2000–2001 ISEF, 2001 STS, MIT
Katherine van Schaik, 2002–2003 ISEF, 2004 STS, Harvard
Rebekah Rogers, 2001–2002 ISEF, 2002 STS, UNC Charlotte
Stephen Garland, 1959 STS, MIT (retired)
Janice Pang, 2015 ISEF, student, The University of British Columbia
Danila Baigushev, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, MSU
Dominick Zheng, 2011 & 2012 ISEF, Benchling
Benjamin Van Doren, 2012 STS, student, University of Oxford
Carl Constanten, 1966 ISEF, 1968 STS, Northrop Grumman Corp
Yazan Al-Shehri, 2010 ISEF, UoD
Nicholas, Schiefer, 2012 ISEF, student, MIT
Maryama Diaw, 2011 ISEF, Amref Health Africa
Danielle Goldman, 2012 STS, student, Columbia
Brighton Ancelin, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Georgia Tech
Gregory Konar, 2012–2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Johns Hopkins
Aniko Nowakowski, 2014 ISEF, student, LSU
Martin Maas 2008 ISEF, University of California, Berkeley
Akshay Padmanabha, 2013 STS, student, MIT
Mark Gubrud, 1975 ISEF, 1976 STS, University of North Carolina
Elyse Hope, 2002 DCYSC, 2004–2006 ISEF, 2006 STS, University of Washington
Denilex Rodríguez, 2016 ISEF, student, Community College of Rhode Island
Alicia D’Souza, 2011 BCM, 2013–2014 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Stanford
Brandon Cui, 2013–2015 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Stanford
Kaitavjeet Chowdhary, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Harvard
Matthew Jachowski, 2002–2003 ISEF, 2003 STS
Sarina Farb, 2012 ISEF, Tribe of Heart
Daniel Perley, 2000 ISEF, Liverpool John Moores University
Andrew Farke, 1996–1998 ISEF, 1999 STS, Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology
Janet Song, 2004 DCYSC, 2007 & 2009 ISEF, 2009 STS, Stanford
Madelyn Ho, 2003 ISEF, 2004 STS, Paul Taylor Dance Company
Emily Ashkin, 2014–2015 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Rice
Nikolai Ortiz, 2015–2016 BCM, Seashore Middle Academy
Tatiana Ortiz, 2014–2015 BCM, 2016 ISEF, student, Flour Bluff High School
Amol Punjabi, 2011 BCM, 2015 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Harvard College
Lia Eggleston, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, St. Paul’s School
Kaitlyn Child, 2012 ISEF, student, University of Utah
Sana Shareef, 2015 ISEF, student, Saint Edward’s School
Laura Ascenzi-Moreno, 1990 STS, Brooklyn College
Henry Garrett, 1966 ISEF, 1966 STS, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Bonnie Lei, 2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, student, Harvard
Paul Cahill, 1977 ISEF, 1977 STS, Luxottica
Michael Stern, 1989 ISEF, 1989 STS, Eagle’s View Capital Management
Larry Caduada, 2006 ISEF, Palawan State University
Niko Bhagwandin, 2016 ISEF, student, University of Washington
Jerrold Grossman, 1966 ISEF, 1966 STS, Oakland University
Shyam Venkateswaran, 2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, ISKCON
Madelyn Kloske, 2014 ISEF, St. John Paul II Catholic High School
Dean Christakis, 1966 ISEF, 1966 STS, Pro Phase Productions, Inc.
Wyatt Pontius, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Stanford
Kendall Karcher, 2016 ISEF, student, Florida Gulf Coast University
Pooja Chandrashekar, 2015 STS, student, Harvard
Angel Martínez, 2014 ISEF, Universidad de Guadalajara
Anne Jefferson, 1995–1997 ISEF, student, Kent State
Eric Riesel, 2015 STS
James Mitchell, 1978 ISEF, 1978 STS, Rockwell Collins (retired)
Virginia Davis, 1986 STS, Auburn University, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Julie Barrios, 2007 ISEF
Ruth Bishop, 2012 ISEF, student, The University of Alabama
Gerald R. Smith, 1962 STS, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Catherine Wong, 2012–2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Stanford
Richard Burger, 1956 NSF, 1958 STS retired
Yvonne Yamanaka, 1999 DCYSC, 2003 ISEF, 2004 STS, venBio Partners
Emily Wood, 2011 ISEF, student, University of Wyoming
Kimberly Te, 2012 BCM, 2014–2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Stanford
Vijay Letchuman, 2015 ISEF, University of Missouri — Kansas City School of Medicine
Paul Birinyi, 2002 ISEF, St. Louis University Department of Neurosurgery
Reagan Spexarth, 2015 ISEF, student, Texas A&M
Ofra Biener, 1996 STS, DOE
Stan Palasek, 2009–2012 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Princeton
Michelle Barbon, 2008 ISEF, MSU-IIT
Sara Volz, 2007 DCYSC, 2010–2012 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, MIT
David Simon, 2010 ISEF, Cubilog Ltd.
Ondřej Hubálek, 2015 ISEF, student, Charles University, Prague
Srimayi Tenali, 2014 ISEF, student, MIT
Diana Marusic, 2014–2016 ISEF, student, University of Bucharest
Eric Delgado, 2003 DCYSC, 2006–2008 ISEF, 2008 STS, Genentech
Jessica Jacobson, 1986 ISEF, 1987 STS, NYU School of Medicine
Nayeong Kim, 2016 ISEF, student, KMLA
Serena Jing, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, IB World School
Esra Yaman, 2016 ISEF, student, TEVITOL
Lauren Blake, 2008 ISEF, University of Chicago
Jennifer Chen, 2009 ISEF, Yale School of Medicine
Evan Kharasch, 1974 ISEF, 1975 STS, Washington University in St. Louis
Ryan Chow, 2012 ISEF, 2012 STS, student, Yale
Kenneth Ford, 1944 STS, retired
Pen-Yuan Hsing, 2005 ISEF, Durham University, UK
Nikki Buhrdorf, 2010 & 2012 ISEF, student, Colorado State University
Nisha Rajesh, 2015 ISEF, student, Plano Senior High School
Deepti Vaidyanathan, 2014 BCM, 2016 ISEF
Samuel Lewis, 2015 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Bowdoin College
Nevin M. Summers, 1965–1967 ISEF, 1967 STS, MIT Synthetic Biology Center
Dorimar Morales-Torres, 1996 & 1998-1999 ISEF, 1999 STS, Puerto Rico Metropolitan Science Fair
Joshua Ladau, 1997 STS, Gladstone Institutes
Mallory Madfes, 2012–2013 ISEF, student, University of Miami
Savannah Flak, 2013 ISEF, New College of Florida
Elisa Lin, 2008 & 2010 ISEF, 2010 STS, Yale
Parakh Jain, 2011 STS, Microsoft
Thomas Claytor, 1967 ISEF, Los Alamos Nat Lab (retired)
Varun Mandi, 2012 BCM, 2016 ISEF, student, University of Pittsburgh
Tania Alvarez, 2015 ISEF, student, Teotihuacan High School
Julia Black, 2010 ISEF, Scripps College
Scott Buchanan, 2001 DCYSC, 2003 ISEF, Ripen eCommerce
Hilmi Oğuzhan Ayan, 2013–2014 ISEF, student, Universitat Duisburg-Essen
Shixuan Li, 2011–2012 BCM, 2014–2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Drexel
Vincent O’Leary, 2010–2012 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Drexel
Shaun Datta, 2014 STS, student, MIT
Sirapatsorn Pongpiriyakarn, 2015 ISEF, student, Harvey Mudd
Aavishkar Patel, 2007 ISEF, Harvard, Department of Physics
Jiwoo Lee, 2016 ISEF, 2017 STS, student, Academy for Medical Science Technology
Sanna Madan, 2016 STS, student, University of Maryland College Park
Mufaddal Ali, 2007 ISEF, K-Electric
Alan Geller, 1975 STS Microsoft Research
Jack Takahashi, 2013 STS, student, Stanford
Navinthiti Jarupratai, 2016 ISEF, student, Montfort College, ChiangMai, Thailand
Yun Ha Seo, 2013-2014 ISEF, student, Minnesota State University, Makato
Maisa Virtanen, 2016 ISEF, student, University of Jyväskylä
William Chiang, 1983 STS, YC2 Consulting
Melvin Zammit, 2012 ISEF, Ocnis
Ryan Dibble, 1996 ISEF, TherapyCharts LLC
Drew Prevost, 2014–2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, UAH Honors
Nicole Biddinger, 2010 & 2013 ISEF, student, Purdue
Andrew Kim, 2006 DCYSC, 2010–2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, student, Northwestern
Kruti Sutaria, 2016 ISEF
Danielle Jacobson, 2013 ISEF, student, Johns Hopkins
Abdullah Al-Kanhal, 2010 ISEF, Ericsson
Jack Collison, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, Stanford
Jon Goldman, 2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Sara Vogel, 2005 STS, Graduate Center, CUNY
Hunter Stafford, 2013–2014 ISEF, student, University of Florida
Raymond Gilmartin, 2012 BCM, 2016 STS, student, Stanford
Daniel Sikavi, 2012 STS, student, Harvard Medical School
William Ko, 1981 STS, ophthalmology
Tomas Mariancik, 2012 ISEF, Solirax Ltd
Bayan Mashat, 2010–2011 ISEF, student, UC-Davis
Adrià Arbués Sangüesa, 2012 ISEF, student, Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Aalborg University
Ahmad Bayonis, 2010 ISEF, Microsoft
George “Bob” Wissner, 1958–1959 ISEF, 1960 STS, Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair
Whitney S. Nekoba Argaki, 2000 DCYSC, Waiakea High School
Lauren Richey Simonsen, 2003 DCYSC, 2004 & 2007 ISEF, University of Utah
Zarin Rahman, 2012–2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Harvard
Jan Linkenhoker, 1994–1997 ISEF, NHGRI
Tak Shing Lau, 2008 ISEF, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sonam Brahmbhatt, 2013 ISEF, student, University of Georgia
Savannah Est, 2012–2013 ISEF, student, Washington University in St. Louis
Gal Oren, 2012 ISEF, student, Ben-Gurion University
Courtney Stern, 1997 ISEF, NASA
Robert W. Klein, 1974 STS, Northrop Grumman
Amita Shukla, 1994 ISEF, 1994 STS, Vitamita
Eric Chen, 2013–2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Harvard
Graham Van Schaik, 2004 DCYSC, 2006–2007 ISEF, 2008 STS, Harvard Business School
Stephanie Martínez, 2016 ISEF, student, SUCCESS Academy
Ashwin Datta, 2013 BCM, 2015 ISEF, student, Glencoe High School
James Valcourt, 2007 ISEF, 2008 STS, Harvard
Sydney Kessler, 2016 ISEF, student, Ballard High School
Allie Hewlett Stifel, 2003–2004 ISEF, Society for Science & the Public
Divya Prabhakaran, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Plano East Senior High School
Luiz Fernando da Silva Borges, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Instituto Federal de Educação
Martin Ptáček, 2015 ISEF, student, VUT FEKT
Eileen Yager, 1959 STS, Childrens Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado
Logan Collins, 2013–2015 ISEF, student, Dartmouth
Keiana Cave, 2015 ISEF, student, University of Michigan
Jessica Tobin, 2012 ISEF, student, Success Academy
Krystal Horton, 2013–2015 BCM, student, Western Center Academy
Joshua Jacob, 2014 BCM, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Saint Xavier High School
Kullikki Kay Sprenk Steen, 1957 STS, College of American Pathologists
Naveen Sinha, 1999 DCYSC, 2000–2002 ISEF, 2003 STS, Fitbit
Moriah Jenkins, 2012 ISEF
Elson Ian Nyl Galang, 2012 ISEF, Network of ISEF Alumni, Philippines
Alexander Beall, 2013–2014 ISEF
Kathryn Lawrence, 2016 ISEF, student, MIT
Addison Nisson, 2016 ISEF, student, Success Academy Dixie State University
Abien Fred Agarap, 2013 ISEF, Network of ISEF Alumni , Philippines
Mary Carmelle Antonette Gindap, 2015 ISEF, Network of ISEF Alumni, Philippines
Kulsum Bilal, 2007 ISEF, GGHS, Lahore, Pakistan
Andrea Jurado, 2014 ISEF, student, Columbia
Elizabeth Busdicker, 2005–2007 ISEF, St. Clair County, Michigan
Rona Yu, 2016 STS, student, Caltech
Zachary Schiffer, 2012 STS, student, MIT
Soham Daga, 2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Princeton
Mark Landergan, 2014 ISEF, NHS
Parth Chopra, 2014 ISEF, student, University of Pennsylvania
Cathy Chen, 2007–2010 ISEF, University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Sikandar Porter-Gill, 2003 DCYSC, 2006–2007 ISEF, 2009 STS, SK&A Structural Engineers, PLLC
Courtney Jackson, 2006–2007 DCYSC, 2008–2011 ISEF, University of North Dakota
Shreya Menon, 2014–2015 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Harvard
Adam He, 2016 STS, student, Columbia
Dan-Andrei Corbeanu, 2015–2016 ISEF
Anthony Kang, 2016 ISEF, 2017 STS, student, Canyon Crest Academy
Leonard Gordy, 1962 STS, retired
Maksim Mizya, 2007 ISEF, Omsk State Technical University
Mary Guan, 2010 STS, University of Michigan Medical School
Donald Hoffman, 1961 STS, Brody School of Medicine at ECU
Brittany Williams, 2011 ISEF, student
Nicholas Allen, 2007 ISEF, Weber State University
Jack Lepkowski, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS
Monica Beeferman, 2015 STS, Northwestern
Sean Loken, 2011–2012 BCM, 2013–2015 ISEF, student, University of Jamestown
Guochuan Zhang, 2014 ISEF, student, The University of Chicago
Melissa Fagan, 2012 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Princeton
Thi Thu Giang Tran, 2015 ISEF, student, University of Strathclyde
Dariannette Valentín, 2016 ISEF, student, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Tsz Him Wong, 2007 ISEF, City University of Hong Kong
Jovan Zhang, 2014–2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, MIT
Ian Huang, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, Columbia
Heitor Santos, 2010–2011 ISEF, student, Swarthmore College
David Grant, 1977 STS, University of Colorado Boulder
Nate Terracio, 1993 ISEF, 1993 STS, Koger Center for the Arts
Andy Erickson, 2003 ISEF, Landye Bennette Blumstein
Nan Watson, 1944 STS, retired
Peter Friedland, 1970 STS, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Waltet Coronel, 1999 ISEF, Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel
Eugenio Sarritzu, 2015 ISEF, student, University Gardens High School
Albert Tsao, 2005 STS, Stanford
Rob Chang, 1980 STS, Gearcloud Labs
Michael Dowling, 1981 STS, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Elise Harrison, 2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, student, Brooklyn College
Umar Bala, 2015 ISEF, Gunius National Science Expo
Liana Gurr, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Xuanlin Li, 2016 ISEF, student
Mònica Sagrera, 2016 ISEF, student, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny, University of Lleida (Spain)
Valerie Ding, 2011 BCM, 2012–2015 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Stanford
Swetha Revanur, 2011 BCM, 2012–2015 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Stanford
Lauren Kobrick, 2010 STS, Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law
Vivek Hariharan, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Georgia Tech
Rachel Myers, 2011 STS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Gleba, 1980 STS, VentureOne
Paul Masih Das, 2010 ISEF, 2010 STS, University of Pennsylvania
Adymailson Santos, 2012 ISEF
Dana Hogan, 2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, student, Syracuse
Nancy Ko, 2009 STS, PPG
Wilfred Mason, 2014–2016 ISEF
Corey Cheng, 1990 STS, MIT
Braeden Benedict, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, University of Notre Dame
Yechen Hu, 2015 ISEF, student, High School Affiliated to Fudan University
Omar Alhazzaa, 2016 ISEF
Jan Gong, 2010–2011 ISEF, 2011 STS, student, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Craig Worley, 2012 BCM, 2014–2015 ISEF, student, Caltech
Alydaar Rangwala, 2010 ISEF, 2012 STS, Bain Capital
Edison Ortiz, 1996 ISEF, Puerto Rico Department of Education
Marcelo Jung Eberhardt, 2011 ISEF, UFRGS
Henry Wagner, 1966 STS, Penn State Cancer Institute
Raymond Ehlers, 2007 ISEF, Yale
Erika Anderson, 2016 ISEF, student, Chicago Public Schools
Ryan Huston, 2014 ISEF, student, University of Washington
Kevin Claytor, 2002–2004 ISEF, 2005 STS
Afonso Bosse, 2015 ISEF, student, Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
Diya Dwarakanath, 2008 ISEF, University of Southern California
Lochana Piyumantha, 2016 ISEF
William Cruce, 1960 STS, retired, NIH
Roshan Duggineni, 2014 & 2016 ISEF, student, University of Cincinnati
Naren, Tallapragada, 2009 STS, Harvard
Lise Menn, 1956–1957 ISEF, 1958 STS, University of Colorado
Robley Williams, 1956 ISEF, 1958 STS, Vanderbilt
Luke Farrell, 2014 ISEF, IBM
Isfar Munir, 2014 ISEF, Haverford College
Igor Ogashawara, 2007 ISEF, Indiana University — Purdue University at Indianapolis
Valentina Riazantceva, 2014 ISEF, Saint Petersburg State University
Mohammad Tarek, 2014–2015 ISEF, AFCM
Todd Rider, 1983–1986 ISEF, 1986 STS, MIT
Abeer Jazzar, 2012 ISEF, METU NCC
Timothy Bauman, 2008 ISEF, 2009 STS, Facebook
Dan Moulding, 1994 ISEF, RackWare, Inc.
Matthew Forman, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Binghamton University
Aranka Hrušková, 2014 ISEF, student, University of Cambridge
Robert Reynolds, 1973 STS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Michaela Kajsova, 2015 ISEF, student, Charles University Prague
Somya Khare, 2015 STS, student, Stanford
Vladislav Sevostianov, 2011 BCM, 2013–2014 ISEF, student, Harvard
Ziyan Mo, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Caltech
Dorothy Smith, 2015 ISEF, student, Duke
Karolyne Li López-Otero, 2012 ISEF, student, University of Puerto Rico
Ryan Patterson, 1999–2001 ISEF, 2002 STS, Galvanic Engineering, FlyZipLine
Wesley Kemp, 2013 BCM, 2015 ISEF, student, Cavalier Public School
Alyssa Kemp, 2015 BCM, 2016 ISEF, student, Cavalier Public School
Michael Earle, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Cornell
Stephanie Becker, 2015 ISEF, student, Cornell
Mary Williams, 2008 ISEF, W.W. Norton
Claudia Mimoso, 2013 ISEF, student, Cornell
Emily Prentiss, 2012 STS, student, University of Rochester
Marcus Vinicius Pinto Pereira Jr., 2015 ISEF, student, Connecticut College
Jazz Munitz, 2015 STS, student, Cornell
Kaitlen Dumm, 2015 ISEF, student, Windsor High School
Brendan Crotty, 2016 BCM, student
Caleb Hersh, 2013 ISEF, 2013 STS, student, Brown
Erin Stoesz, 1998–2000 ISEF, 2001 STS, University of Wyoming
Taige Wang, 2015 ISEF, student, University of California, San Diego
Amy Schick, 1998 ISEF, educator
Zack Potter, 2016 ISEF, SEFI
Mahira Safaralizade, 2012 ISEF, student, University of Toronto
Jennel Mead, 2016 ISEF, Cheyenne South High
Anchit Narain, 2012 BCM, 2016 ISEF, student, Stanford
Rohit Thummalapalli, 2007–2008 ISEF, Harvard Medical School
Ann Le, 2016 ISEF, student, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Eric Koehlmoos, 2014–2015 ISEF, 2015 STS, student, Kansas State University
Caitlyn Lia, 2008 ISEF, 2008 STS, Swiss Re
Natasha Goenawan, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, Stanford
Austin Rohrs, 2011 ISEF, student, South Dakota State University
Jenna Behrendt, 2011 ISEF, WCD Group
Chelsea Grigery, 2002 & 2004–2005 ISEF, Southeast Health
Otana Jakpor, 2006 DCYSC, 2010 ISEF, HMS
Elena Berman, 2016 ISEF, student, Breck School
Qingfeng Li, 2016 ISEF, student, Laramie High School
Alex Keeler, 2009, 2011–2012 ISEF, student, University of South Florida
Marissa Witmer, 2016 ISEF, student, Hershey Medical Center
Kyle Yawn, 2003–2004 DCYSC, 2005–2007 ISEF, NASA
Sophia Korner, 2012–2013 BCM, 2015–2016 ISEF, student, DuPont Manual High School
Mark Levy, 2000 ISEF, Western Virginia Regional Science Fair
Akshata Rudrapatna, 2016 ISEF, 2016 STS, student, Case Western Reserve University
Alex Wurden, 1997–1998 ISEF, Oakmont High School
Ariana Gopal, 2015 STS, student, Macaulay Honors College
Alfredo Medina, 2003 ISEF, US Navy
Evan Meade, 2014 BCM, 2017 ISEF, student, Keystone School
Saige Manier, 2012 ISEF, student, Stanford
Ian Sohl, 2010–2012 ISEF, Apple
Robley Williams, 1956 ISEF, 1958 STS, Vanderbilt
Judith Gordy, 1961 ISEF, 1962 STS, Senior Consultant Pharmacists
Michael Zaiken, 2011 ISEF, 2007 DCYSC, Student, University of Minnesota
Dung Tran, 2003 ISEF, Food and Drug Administration
Kenneth Lee, 2010 ISEF, Student, Purdue
Syed Shahzeb Zarrar, 2012 ISEF, Student, Lahore Garrison University
Muzaffer Arda Buyuksan, 2012 ISEF, Student, Foothill College
Christian Smith, 2013 ISEF, Student, Stanford
Alfred J. Lamperez, 1984 STS, Halliburton
Beau Bingham, 2014–2015 ISEF, 2017 STS, Student, Cascia Hall Preparatory School
Shannon Hendricks, 2014 ISEF, Student, University of Notre Dame
Ata Aydin Uslu, 2014 ISEF, Student, Koc University
Lily Lee, 2014 ISEF, 2014 STS, Student, Brooklyn College
Logan Apple, 2014 ISEF, 2013 BCM
Walter Czerwinski Burkard, 2012 & 2014 ISEF, Student, Florida Institute of Technology, Harris Corporation
Raul Diaz, 1995 ISEF, Merck & Co., Inc.
Deepika Kurup, 2015 ISEF, Student, Harvard
James Duggan, 1966 STS, 1965–1966 ISEF, Gartner (Retired)
Henry Wagner, 1966 STS, Penn State Cancer Institute
Abishek Stenush Gomes, 2016 ISEF, Student, Wichita State
Kawisara Konsila, 2016 ISEF, The Science Society of Thailand
Abby Klammer, 2016 ISEF, Student, Adams Central High School
Emily Wang, 2016 ISEF, 2015 BCM, Student, Enloe High School
Oliver Nick, 2016 ISEF, LGL
Rachel Baker 2014–2016 ISEF, Student, Tennessee Technological University
Erin (Brasser) Vande Vegte, 2009–2010 & 2012 ISEF, South O’Brien High School/Oskaloosa Christian School
Nathan Kuehne, 2016 ISEF, Student, University of Toronto
Charles Dietrich, 1952 STS, MIT, Bolt Branek and Newman
Alexander Kaufman, 2014 ISEF, Student, Harvard
Peeyush Shrivastava, 2013 STS, Genetesis
Elisabeth Ashmore, 2012–2013 ISEF, Student, University of Pittsburgh
Hannah Cevasco, 2013–2015 BCM, Student, Sacred Heart Preparatory
Morgan Smith, 2014 BCM, 2016 ISEF, Student, Cloquet Senior High School
Tessa Walters, 1989–1991 ISEF, 1991 STS, Stanford, Palo Alto VA
Samuel Kahn, 2015–2016 BCM, Student, High Tech High Media Arts
Norman Ariel Toro Vega, 2016 ISEF, Student, Dr. Carlos González High School
Christopher Pynn, 2006 ISEF, University of California, Santa Barbara
Beatrice Farb, 2017 STS, Student, Walter Payton College Prep
Jessica Haney, 2003 ISEF, United Nations
Yue Yao, 2014 ISEF, NetKnow
Mary Cris Corpuz, 2008 ISEF, University of the Philippines Mindanao
Andrea Dahl, 2014–2015, 2017 ISEF, 2012–2013 BCM, Student, Olathe North High School

Science Fair Enthusiasts

Mick Ebeling, Not Impossible Labs
Christopher Gould, University of Southern California
Jennifer Green, Miami University
Henry Disston, Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Tessa Hill, University of California at Davis
Emily Meyer, Science City at Union Station
Annette Oertling, Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair
Jade Herman, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Diana Lindauer, DuPont Manual High School
Jason Willand, Missouri Southern State University
Sundaram Gunasekaran, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maureen Brekka, Brown-Forman Corporation
Kai Kamaka, Texas Science and Engineering Fair
Ann Schwartz, Catalysts
Konstantin Delchev, CYS/Bulgarian Academy of Science
William Heyborne, Southern Utah University
Odette Scovel, Loudoun County Public Schools
John Varine, Pittsburgh Conference
Katy Chapman, University of Minnesota
Pat Wisniowiecki, CRMC
Rachel Carrigan, Parent
Elizabeth Kronberg, Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair
Deneen McBean-Warner, DeKalb County School District
Karina Angelieva, Club Young Scientists
Marietta Reviczky-Dolan, Billings Clinic Science Expo
Mihaela Nikolova, Club Young Talents
Alberto Pietro Pieri, Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations
Serena McCalla, iResearch Institute
LeAnn Smith, Science City at Union Station
Tara Olash, Kroger Pharmacy
Peter Plumley, Milton U Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology
Prasanthi Sathyaprakash, Orange County Science and Engineering Fair
Mark Fridy, Stewart Title
Erin Lawrence, Parent
Cheryl Lindeman, Centeral Virginia Regional Science Fair
Heather Mills, Brigham Young University
Rhonda Jones, Scientific and Regulatory Consultants
John Heironimus, Fleming Scientific
Robert Ceglinski, Adaptive Insights
Stephanie Jones, Intel Northwest Science Expo
Elsa Clenny, Miami Univeristy
Doreen DeVore, Shenandoah Valley Regional Science Fair
Thomas Tagoe, GhScientific
Francis Kuhlen, Swiss Youth in Science
Angaleen Goodwin, Parent
Michelle Zuelke, University of Michigan
William Dietrich, Retired College Professor
Linda Morris, Central Texas Science and Engineering Fair
Gloria Hardy, Montgomery County Science Fair
Gary Stresman, Badger State Science and Engineering Fair
Steven Kerr, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharaceuticals
Reni Barlow, Youth Science Canada
Jacqueline Lueck Sneve, TransMedics
Barbara Benjamin-Coffield, DuPont Manual High School
Arleone Dibben-Young, Nene O Molokai
William Owens, Lightsense Technologies
Bill Rigney, Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair
Vernard Henley, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Lisa Clark, University of Pittsburgh
Felipe Ribeiro, Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arido
Katherine Hong, Princeton
Lorelei Aiwohi, Kalakaua Middle School
Dana White, Parent
Jamie Nekoba, Hawaii District Science and Engineering Fair
Jacqueline Ekladyous, Flint Regional Science Fair
Ava Rosales, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Rayna Nielsen, Garden District Book Shop
Melanie Ortiz, Coastal Bend Regional Science Fair
Suntharee Kritchaisak, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
Victor Ortiz, Surgical Associates of Corpus Christi
Laura Buitrago, Lookout
Ava Chen, MIT
Emily De Costa, Maui County Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Rachel Holladay, Carnegie Mellon University
Somil Jain, Hamilton High School
L. Dan Milici, University of Suceava
Diane Hecht, D & S Committee
Lorraine Dagon, Express Scripts
Ring Ring Tsai, Dupont Manual Science Engineering Fairs
Stuart Birnbaum, University of Texas at San Antonio
Wells Martina, Allderdice High School
Radhika Nair, Kentuckiana Pain Specialists
Charmain Walker, Parent
Kristen Turner, VisitPITTSBURGH
Robert Bufano, Baltimore Science Fair
David Maskalick, Eli Lilly & Company
Mary Lou Ewald, Greater East Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Patrick Yokley, Pasha
Kyle Ppool, BPSD
Angela Lukaszewski, Long Island Science and Engineering Fair
Rena Grissom, BPS
Angela Prisacaru, Moldova Science and Engineering Fair Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova
Sergei Sergeev, Moscow State University
John Neuhaus, Bechtel Marine
Ben Smith, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12
Irene Ficheman, FEBRACE
Lynne Hehr, STEM Center University of Arkansas
Edrick Alvarado Rodriguez, Computer Science Corporation
Erin McCullough, Mastodon Fair
Indriyani Indriyani, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Sheri Trbovich, Weber State University
Genevieve Weiler, Breck School
Milena Acosta, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, ISEF Los Angeles Local Arrangements Committee
Mesut Karakoca, TUBİTAK
Bill Connor, Sentinus
Emily Mediate, University of Oxford
Heather Williams, Young Engineers
Marcus Harston, Youth Engineering & Science Fair (YES Fair)
Ralph Bowling, Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc.
Nathalie Valencia Chacon, Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica
Kay O’Malley, Jersey City Medical Center/RWJ Barnabas Health STEM Showcase
Jim Bader, Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair
John Tripp, Southern Utah Center for Computer and Engineering Students (SUCCESS Academy)
Cynthia Falardeau, Education Foundation of Indian River County Florida
Dianna Preece, University of Louisville
Courtney Butler, Colorado Science & Engineering Fair
Shane Woods, Fort Worth ISD
Rory Wagner, Success Academy DSU
Barbara Lease, Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Mark Bland, Arkansas State Science Fair, University of Central Arkansas
Brian Reid, DSU SUCCESS Academy
Lee Hughes, Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis RSEF
Valerie Elliott, VLE & Assoicates
J. Cuzzocreo, Yale
Sherry Schagene, Parent
Amanda Daly, City University of New York
Christine Klein, Insight for Learning Practices
Warren Spalinger, D & S Committee
Macey Middleton, GHS
Lauren Gardner, SUCCESS Academy DSU
Colleen Beall, Frederick County Science & Engineering Fair
Kenwyn Cradock, Eastern New Mexico University
Thomas Zadan, Parent
Mason Zadan, University of Richmond
Robert Sugarman, Western New York Science Congress, Inc.
Christina Huang, Taiwan International Science Fair
Vidya Ravichandran, DuPont Manual Regional Science Fair Board
Adele Peng, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Sissel Marie, The Research Council of Norway
Syeda Khadija Bashir, Pakistan National Science Fair
Alexander Reyman, Institute of Applied Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences
Ricardo Carvalho, Fundação da Juventude
Susana Chaves, Fundação da Juventude
Kathleen Bethel, SARSEF: S. AZ Research, Science & Engineering Foundation
Douglas Morris, Carbon School District
Andrew Gow, Rutgers University
Myrna Haskell, Parent
Tak Yuen Lee, City University of Hong Kong
Virginia Youngblood, The Yokes Group
Carol Johmann, Retired
Staci Johnson, Southern Wesleyan University
Maricruz Aguilar, New Mexico State University
Brooke Bernstein, St. Johns Virtual School
Kathy Meadows, Mission Possible Kid
Cesar Maeda, Nvirotect
Charles W. Dietrich, The Dietrich Group
Dhrumil Shah, Student
Zeynep Ozgur, Hudson High School
Ruthe Farmer, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Roni Louise Rentfro, Rio Grande Valley RSEF
Joseph Nsengimana, Intel Corporation
Isaac Witte, Washington University in St. Louis
Tracy Koon, Intel (retired)
David Williams, Intel (retired)
Donald Littlefield, Intel (retired)
Pat Salas, Intel (retired)
Nur Tri Aries Suestiningtyas, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI)
Robert Halloran, Bank of America
Ryan Hamilton, BASIS San Antonio Medical Center
Allen Wallace, Newscycle Solutions
J. Mitchell Spear, Penn State Harrisburg
Sheila Romine, Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Mark Madison, Edmonds School District
Janet Vassilev, University of New Mexico
David Fink, Fink & Johnson
Richard Soviero, Science Educator
Josie Horton, Parent
Rosa Lynn Seman, Retired Educator
Terry Contant, LEARN
Anagha Kalvade, Synopsys Inc.
Douglas Young, Permian Basin Regional Science Fair
Stacy Maurer, Abundance Ecovillage
Uwe Bergmann, Stanford PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
John Reynolds, Intel (retired)
Shari Munitz, Parent
Nicole Townsend, Fox Lane High School
Christina Hatley, Millard Oakley STEM Center, Tennessee Tech University
Mary Burke, Academy of Science-St. Louis
Paul Gilmore , Millburn High School
Marguerite Anderson, State of Wyoming
Joan Greco, Dialogue Media Group
Jen Gutierrez, Arizona Science & Engineering Fair
Amanda Becker-Nix, North Toole County High School
Jenifer Stoesz, Jeny Originals
Roslina Mohd Roslin, Ministry of Education — Malaysia
Marjorie Allan, Children’s Institute
Melissa McVicker, Melissa McVicker Consulting
Sandra Doty, Ohio University, Lancaster
Debra Wheeler, Governor French Academy
Scott Jackson, Governor French Academy
Barbara Stafford, Central High School — Little Rock School District
Lindsay Galey, University of Wyoming
Lisa Blackman, KGB Trucking, LLC
Gustavo Guimarães, IFES — Campus São Mateus
Emma Griffin, University of Wyoming
Valerie Rutledge, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Ron Herberts, The College of Governor French
Rafael Hernandez, P.R.Telephone Co. (retired)
Elaine Labrocca, LI Science and Engineering Fair, Inc
Marcia dos Santos, University of Vale dos Sinos
Sarah Gross, Laramie County School District #1
Katia Goldmuntzm Intel
Gregory Goebel, Florida Atlantic University
Daniela W F T, UNESP
Dorothy Jablonski, University of Wyoming
Pramatha Payra, Parent
Jim Lynn, Parent
Marcelo Carvalho , Escola Estadual Professora Maria Muzzi Guastaferro
Matt Patterson, Weber School District
Anna Sapon, Belarus Hi Tech Park
Sheila Porter, SciFest (
Patrick Murray, Intel (retired)
Diana Daggett, Intel (retired)
David Young, The Governor French Academy
Jeanette Vilagi, Keystone School
Carol Revak, Revak Consulting
Mary K. Martin, WNY Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Jeffrey Chien, University of Southern California
Danielle Grenier, Center for Research in Environmental Science and Technology
Regina Arzamendi, Young Women’s Leadership Academy — San Antonio
Bill Rigney, Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair
Linda Rosen, Change the Equation
Julie Hartmus, Economy Machine Products, Inc.
Kathy van Zyl, Parent
Rita Peterson, Air Force Research Laboratory
Alberto Pieri
Lindsay Galey
Linda Morris


Evelyn Montalvo, Southwestern Educational Society
Rahmona Thompson, East Central University
Brian Monson, Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts
Glenn Zwanzig, DuPont Manual High School
Sherry Herron, University of Southern Mississippi
Robin Groch, San Ramon Valley Unified School District
Philip Gay, Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair
Crystal Miller, Hathaway Brown School
Keliana Steen, Grove Public Schools
Bevin Daglen, Oregon Episcopal School
Michelle Ellison, Latta Public School
Alexa Groff, West Central Valley High School
Kimberly Ring, Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair
Amy Schauer, West Linn-Wilsonville School District
Patti Carothers, Synopsys Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair
Cynthia Welsh, NE MN and American Indian Science and Engineering Fair
Jessica Thomas, Utica College
Cynthia Corbitt, University of Louisville
Kristina Brosema, Southern Utah University
Paul Gardner, University of St. Andrews
Barrington Ross, Hillside High School
John Davis, Staten Island Technical High School
Melanie Cowherd, Environmental Charter School
Benu Singh, Cherry Creek High School
Laura Hummel, Mickelson Middle School
Cheryl McCaw, Mesa Public Schools
Mary Kay Adamczyk Wonders, Delavan High School
Celine Sparks, North Alabama Chrstian School
Jenay Leach, Fairfax County Public Schools
Susan Appel, City University of New York
Ali Salameh, Asriyya Schools
Kris Clements, Caddo Parish Magnet High School
Lois Fruen, Breck School
Laurance Walker, Academy of Science and Technology
Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Gulf Coast Behavioral Health and Resiliency Center
Ryan Kagami, Hawaii Department of Education
Tim Sears, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
John Buckley, Texas A&M Kingsville (retired)
Amy Sheck, North Carolina School of Science & Math
Keron Gwaltney, Union Grove High School
Terri George, Griffin RESA Science and Engineering Fair
Katy Gazda, Red Mountain High School
Diane Vigrass, WNY Science Congress, Inc.
Mary Lorraine Lorido, Juan R. Liwag Memorial High School
Joyce Hatch, Highlands School District
Hector Otano Vega, Brigida Alvarez School of Science and Math/Department of Education of Puerto Rico
Michael Lampert, West Salem High
Raul Montes, Brevard Public Schools
Lorna Glaunsinger, Arizona State University
Wasiem A. El Abd, Egyptian Association for Science and Engineering
Ilya Korshunov, HSE University
Jacqueline Pfeiffer, South Butler County School District
Bob Brazzle, Mastodon Fair
Cynthia Letcher, Heartland Regional Science and Engineering Fair
John-Paul Martin, Western New York Science Congress, Inc.
Granger Meador, Bartlesville Public School District
Derryl Venters, Muskogee Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Nada Al Talhi, MAWHIBA
Wendy Meador, Bartlesville High School
Nouf Al-Noufaie, MAWHIBA
Julie Olson, Mitchell Senior High
Julie Giovannetti, Bartlesville Public Schools
Robert Baar, Kentucky Science & Engineering Fair
Aracelis Troche, Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas, Puerto Rico
Ernest Lopez, Taos Municipal Schools
Yuen Man To, Maryknoll Fathers’ School
Petr Klan, University of Economics, Prague
Simon Mururi, Kenya Science and Engineering Fair
Gerard Hughes, Sentinus
Joseph Scott, Satellite High School
Charmain Brammer, SUCCESS Academy DSU
Alison Larsen, Southern Utah Center for Computing, Engineering, and Science Students
Kristin Lavery, Carnegie Mellon University — Leonard Gelfand Center for Service Learning and Outreach
Joe Thorstenson, Kalamazoo Mathematics and Science Center
Mary Watson, Retired Science Teacher
CP Cruz, Volunteer
Sonia Solis, Kofa high School
Paul Strode, Fairview High School
Donna Deason, Grove Middle School
Ryan Beaudoin, Suffern High School
Kathleen Mattingly, J. Graham Brown School
Kristy Butler, Forest Hills Central High School
Rolf Olson, Eden Prairie High School
Jonathan Derez, Curriculum Implementation Division, Division of City Schools Manila
Colin Syme, Upper St. Clair High School
Richard Koepsel, Carnegie Mellon University
Melissa Cartwright, Carbon School District
Sara Fox, Academy of Science and Technology
Francisco Tupy, Universidade de São Paulo
Paul Hughes, Elko County School District
Lois Campbell, Trinity School
Bruce Schafer, Oregon University System (retired)
Maria Graber, ACS
Flávia Twardowski, IFRS — Campus Osório
Lisa Field, Tidewater Science Congress
Rodrigo Duran, Aalto University
Michelle Kay, Honolulu District Office
Sarah O’Leary-Driscoll, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Samantha Cope, Godwin High School
Lori Daniels, Weber School District
Kathryn Halloran, Private School
Jessica Canning, Avon Grove Charter School
Paige Romer, Stanley British Primary School
Gretchen Santo, Beaumont School
Jeff Laufer, Suncoast High School
Marion Zeiner, Episcopal School of Jacksonville
Bret Rhea, Frankfort Schools
Sally Mennicke, St. John Lutheran School, Ocala, Fl
Lisa Hevner, Lincoln Park Academy
Paul Buisker, Sioux Valley Schools
Tereasa Freeman, Mid-Buchanan High School
Patrick Callahan, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics High School
Bobbie Thompson, DeKalb County Eastern C.S.D.
Derek Berger, Northern Garrett High School
Christopher Hoppner, Locust Valley Central School District
LeighAnn Curtis, Northside ISD
Russell Davis, Bergen County Academies
Cathy Douglas, Coppell High School
Margaret Wight, Rancho Christian School
Sarah Leadbeater, Newburyport High School
Deborah Darnell, Southern Hills Middle School
Andrea Duhaime, Everest Academy
Jorja Kremer Jr., St. Agnes School
Jill Henrie, Owasso 7th Grade Center
Gary Blickenstaff, The Harker School
Janet Weygand, MSTA
Benjamin Taylor, Clark County R-1 High School
Jeana Parker, Alma High School
Mark Frye, Northbrook School District 28
Chris Brothers, Falmouth High School
Melanie Hudock, Walt Whitman High School
Carah Boggess, Boggess Christian Academy
Loree’ Harvey, Monte Vista High School
Rebecca Bell, Duncan High School
Margaret Wilch, Teacher
Christine Leventhal, Darien High School
Charles Corkern, Bossier Parish Community College (retired)
Karen Dalfrey, Prince William County Public Schools
Huy Pham, Westminster High School
Lyn Slygh, Seminole Ridge High School Biotechnology Academy
Jonathan Creamer, Montgomery Bell Academy
Dianna Guise, Central York High School
Beth Stephenson, Littleton Middle School
Tammy Drazkowski, Cotter schools
Karen Young, Fayette County Public Schools
Maggie Newhouse, Oakhill Day School
Megan Rasmussenm Algona Middle Schools
Phyllis Serfaty, Teacher and Science Consultant (retired)
Jennifer Trevino, Brownsville Independent School District Manzano Middle School
John Robertson, Riverside Unified School District
Jeff Pfaffe, A-C Central High School
Melissa Shandroff, Hastings High School
Ronda Fields, Louisville Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Pam Francis, Burkburnett High School
Christine Bass, Caddo Middle Magnet- Louisiana
Jennifer Hull, Syracuse Hebrew Day School
Sunny Kaura, CNUSD
Alex Hofsteen, International School of Monterey
Brook Carlsen, Westminster School
Daniel Daneker, Conestoga Valley School District
Amy Moore, Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Jim O’Connell, Wilsonville High School
Antonio Castruita, El Dorado High School
Jenifer McMurray, Seneca Valley School District
Wanda Throop, Sikeston Public Schools
Valerie Holmes, Ossining High School
Kim Failor, Stanford Online High School
Karen Young, William Mason High School
Lisa Scott, Brevard Public Schools
Eliot Scheuer, Nicolet High School
Jennifer Yeager, Central Bucks School District
Alicea Chaloupka, Christ the King Cathedral School
Elizabeth Romano, PWCS
Monica Marlowe, Sachem North High School
Rod Tayler, Lake Tahoe School
Greg Reighard, Clemson University
Kelly Breland, Jefferson County International Baccalaureate
Gail Ishimoto, Kamehameha Schools
Jennie Kuenz, Jesuit High School
John Berry, Martinsburg South Middle School
Mary Alexis Blondrage, The Wheatley School
Kelly Rock, Starr’s Mill High School
Sarah Evans, Paul J Hagerty High School
George Karnbauer, Forbes Road CTC
Heidi Black, East Side Union HSD
Gwendolyn Abraham, Eugene Ashley High School
Tina Gibson, Lake Mary Preparatory School
Angeline Gellert, St. Andrew Catholic School
Michael Lampert, West Salem High School
Melanie Schwarzbach, Hi-Line Regional Science & Engineering Fair
Ryan O’Block, Boulder Valley School District
J. Coulson, Southwest Livingston Schools, West Platte Schools
Christina Bryant, McIntosh High School
Barbara Cushing, Grande Innovation Academy
Elkhan Akhundov, Kenilworth Science and Technology
Rita McMillen, Canton City Schools
Carri Anne Manning, High School Teacher
Brian Zeiszler, Great Basin College
Carol Marshall, Clarke County High School
Dena Leinberger, A-C Central Middle School
Karen Gauthier, Camden Central High School
Melissa Donham, Little Rock Central High
Stephen Collins, Lusher Charter School
Carol Hersh, William A. Shine Great Neck South High School
Brandon Boswell, Broward County Public Schools
Helen Geller, Mission Early College High School
Marina Webb, Claremont International High School
Jill Henrie, Owasso 7th Grade Center
Sarah Pappalardo, Dunloggin Middle School
Mark Welch, Alpena High School
Lisa Garrido, Westminster Christian School
Patricia Keeling, La Veta School District RE 2
Brett Troemper, Franklin Middle School
Malia Lee, Molokai High School
Debra Knight, Adobe Middle School
Leslie Martinelli, La Salle Academy
Chris Johnson, Norte Dame Preparatory High School
Heidi Gleason, Columbia High School
Shannon Donovan, Scituate High School
Christine Celestino, JDCHS
Charles Wilson, Berkeley County Education Association
Claudette Nielsen, Weber School District
Steven Kaestner, Albuquerque Public Schools
Karen Geiger, Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School
Reed Carlson, Colorado Springs D11
Mary Glodowski, Edmonds School District
Kimberly Wheeles, Renaissance Academy Charter School
Ales Psaker, The Governor’s School at Innovation Park
Robin Barkes, Florida Atlantic University High School
Christopher Doody, Howard County Public School System
Dalton Horscroft, Entheos Academy
Jennifer Morgenthaler, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Glenn Elert, Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
Jerri Piacesi, PWCS
Wendy Wooten, Reseda High School
Cynthia Rossman, Incarnate Word Academy
Jeannetta Glory, Briggs Public School
Michelle Smith, Spring Creek Middle School
James Larson, J.E. Cosgriff Memorial School
Lara Tingey, Weber School District
Wendy Lacombe, Beaufort High School
Gina Randolph, Monte Vista High School
Patricia Dudam, Albuquerque Public Schools (retired)
Andrea Jydstrup-McKinney, West Career and Technical Academy
Dawn Logan, Bethlehem Center High School
Kelly Mahan, Canterbury
Patricia Gurholt, La Crescent Middle School
Patti Griest, Seneca Valley High School
Tim Morrison, Parkway South High
Susan Gold, Feynman School
Steve Smith, Animas High School
James Truglio, Great Neck Public Schools
Kathy Peng, The Harker School
Heather Ross, Columbia High School
Jerry Glaser, Todd Beamer Senior High School
Heidi Lovaas, Blevins Middle School
Lynda Wright, Glenwood High School
Sara Guymon, Southeastern Jr. High Science Club
Kelly Risinger, Jefferson County Public Schools
Mary Moore, Dekalb County Schools-Chamblee Middle
Jennifer Jura, Whitehall District Schools
Larry Gaudioso, Manatee High School
Stephen Smith, Central VA Governor’s School
Donald Howk, Keystone School
Christine Rogers, Hendrick Hudson High School
Jennifer Ross-Viola, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School
Rob Jensen, Hellgate High School
Karen Edmonds, Beaufort Academy
Jeanne Suttie, Commack School District
Bruce Jones, Arizona Science Teachers Association
Michelle Wyatt, Spring Valley High School
Adam Pope, Village Academy
Raywattie Chan, High School
Elaine Weil, Indian River School District
Michael Sana, Waipahu High School
Nury Perez Cruz, Programa Ondas de Colciencias
Miguel Prieto Camelo, Colciencias — Programa Ondas
Peter Southam, Gould Academy
Kevin Molohon, Champlin Park High School
Patricia Niño Rodríguez, Programa Ondas Colciencias — Colombia
Ardis Herrold, Grosse Pointe North H.S.
Nadine Weirather, Central Lee Middle School
Roger Rose, Alpena School District,
Stephanie Peborde Burke, Fox Lane High School
Carrie Prieto, Carrollwood Day School
Laura Tenorio, Taos Municipal Schools
Elizabeth David, Sublette County School District #1
Lee Ferguson, Texas Association of Biology Teachers
Valerie Jackson, Beaufort High School
Jennifer Crotty, Homeschool Teacher
Stacy Surber, Chillicothe High School
Susan Schwartz Wildstrom, Walt Whitman High School
Debora Wines, Billings Catholic Schools
David Rouby, Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School; LRSD
Christopher Hynes, Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
Harold Coller, Wilsonville HS Science Dept.
Nancy Schnabel, Park Christian School
Mae-Lee Terrell, McIntosh High School
Donna Light, Croton-Harmon HS
Corliss Reed, St. Joseph the Worker
Maria Cheryl Diangco, School fo Classics
Deano Smith, Greenhills School
Cheri Howe, Math and Science Academy
Patricia Caldwell, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Aaron Tillman, Marshfield, MO Public Schools
Erica Curran, Dobbs Ferry High School
Nelly Tsai, Public School Teacher
Heather Clayton, Seminole County Public Schools
Michael Power, Wyoming State Science Fair
Bridgette Griffin, USD #245
David Allan, Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy
Dawne Welch, Friendswood High School
Joe Carter, Bloom-Carroll High School
Jason Nydegger, Keystone School
Darci Cordero, Early Light Academy
Matt Zitello, Hawaii Technology Academy
Alicia Deavens, Fayetteville Christian School
Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Williams College
Ashlie Arkwright, SCAPA Bluegrass
Armando Soto, Southwestern Educational Society
Dianne Alexis, St. Mary’s Catholic School
Jeff Warner, Egg Harbor Township Public Schools
Nancy Padan, Vigo County School Corporation
Sara Hernandez, Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo
Nicole Shimshock, St. Charles School
Jeff Weitz, Horace Mann School
Tabatha Knickerbocketr, Children’s University
Debbie Wheeler, Sayre School
Beth Maris, Central High School
Jessica Ross, Midwood High School
Pam Shlachtman, Miami Palmetto Senior High School
Kevin Brasser, South O’Brien HS
Juan Carlos Melgar Jimenez, Clemson University
Nathaniel C. Casera, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy
Tyrone Huebsch, Rockdale Magnet School for Science & Technology
Megan Sabin, Middle School
Chris Luckey, Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School
Kathleen Murphy, North Salem Central Schools
Bailee Giger, West Platte School District
Brian Palmer, Hanford High School
Janet Longo-Abinanti, Sleepy Hollow High School
Julie McSwords, Westerville City Schools
Ron Ruckman, Pinedale Middle School
Kristina Plona, Chandler Unified School District
Virginia Vilardi, Alabama Academy of Science
Lesley Urasky, Saratoga Middle High Schoo.
Susan Weidkamp, Glencoe High School
Kali Nicholas, University of Wyoming
Leandra Tipton, Little Rock School District
Maria Lonnett, Manchester Essex High school
Dean Karagianes, Mira Loma High School
Anne-Marie Eklund, Cascades Academy
Mark Vondracek, Evanston Township High School
Elizabeth Estabrook, Chance Academy
Mary Kroll, West Islip School District
Mary Anne Carpenter, DeKalb County High School
Denise Clemens, Northwestern High School
Melinda Riviello, Brighton Central School District
Stephanie Greenwald, Byram Hills High School
William Baird, Michigan State University
Andy Bramante, Greenwich High School
Susan Styer, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (retired)
Dave Negrelli, DCPS
Emily Keeler, South Sumter High School
Rebecca Isseroff, Lawrence High School
Susan Lindberg, Scottsdale Unified School District
Kirsten Kleinman, Nyack High School
Jeffery Wehr, Odessa High School
Ken Andrzejewski, Marian High School
Milagros Carire, CIMATEC at Caguas, Puerto Rico
Philip Adam, Queen’s Grant Community School
Fonya Scott, Clarkdale High School
Jessica Heller, Lawrence Township Public School
Timothy Regan, Scifest
Mary Lou O’Donnell, Plainview Old Bethpage JFK High School
Roann Roderick, Central Islip Senior High School
Stan Hedges, Powell Middle School
Michael Vaccariello, Sachem High School East
Kimberly Wilson, Souderton Area High School
Grant Braught, Dickinson College
Jana Eggleston, Tidewater Community College, Governor’s School for Science & Technology, Tidewater Science Congress, Broadcom
Marla Ezratty, Paul D. Schreiber High School
Christine Moore, Canton City School District
Brad Hall, Brevard Public Schools
Glenda Lofink, Pickens High School
Clare Ryan, St. Leo’s College, Carlow
Jim Cooke, Retired
Patricia Schroer, Wentzville Holt High School
Lisa Darley, Loreto St Michael’s Navan
Julio Miguez, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Cindy Carter, Stoughton High School
Mary Mullaghy, ISTA
LuAnn Lindskov, Timber Lake High School
Rachel Richards, Menlo-Atherton High School
Susan Wetzler, Plainview Old Bethpage High School
Maria Andreas-Mertz, John F. Kennedy HS
David Schuth, Sycamore School
Lauren Levites, Chicago Public Schools
Eva Malecki, Fox Chapel Area School District
Saiwarun Chaiwanichsiri, Chulalongkorn University
Peter Sykora, Ellendale School District
Donna Light
Christopher Heckel
Aracelis Troche

Science Fair Judges

Charles Vukotich, University of Pittsburgh
Leonard Duda, Sandia National Labs (retired)
Shankar Mahalingam, University of Alabama in Huntsville
John Sohl, Weber State University
Rinaldo Veseliza, Alisto Engineering Group
John Mull, Webster State University
Chris McGowan, Southeast Missouri State University
Elizabeth Erikson, Water and Environmental Technologies
Kerrm Yau, Dow ArgoSciences
Christine Poelma, Parent
Sharon Mair, Cutting Edge Biomed
Kelsey Torgerson, University of Minnesota Crookston
Rob Reis, Higher Ground
Robert Yost, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Paul Witman, California Lutheran University
Tingting Chung, Chatham University
Cam-Tu Trinh, Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair
Cassandra Confair, Association of American Cancer Institutes
Robert Baker, Wildwood School
Ananda Seneviratne, Agensys
Harvey Kushner, BioMedical Computer Research Institute
Henry Happ, Applied Research Associates
Yijuan Du, Northwestern University
David Boone, University of Pittsburgh
James Livingston, Curtiss Wright EMD
William Glaunsinger, Arizona State University
Emily Early, Arizona Museum of Natural History
Darshan Patra, Intel Corp
Nicole Valenzuela, UCLA
Wije Wathugala, ACTA Inc
Christopher J. Gintz, Block Textiles Inc
Steven Cochran, University of Pittsburgh
Regina Goetz, NYU Langone Medical Center
Mary Sheridan, Hawaii Pacific University
Marie Billaud, University of Pittsburgh
Ormond Brathwaite, Cuyahoga Community College
Kimberly Gwinn, Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair
David Drake, SmartCover Systems
Prahlad Menon, University of Pittsburgh
Allan Labrador, Caltech
Dan Grant, CEAgent
Roy Matway, ATI
Charles B. Greenberg, Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Thomas Rudy, University of Pittsburgh
Abdullah Alshehry, Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education
Barbara Marusiak, MEDNAX
Darshan Patra, Intel Corp and SEEDS
Kenneth Lauchner, Retired
Vitaly Kresin, University of Southern California
Kevin Fay, PPG Industries, Inc.
Gregg Oelker, Suez
Bala Ramaswami, University of Pittsburgh
Richard John, University of Southern California
Ajay Singh, Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Donald Franklin, AAPT APS
Bob Giese, Giese & Associates LLC
Zhikai Zhong, Hexion, Inc
Joel Davis, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Heather Herrington, Ada Developers Academy
Alina Deshpande, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Peter Eggena, VA/UCLA
David Seitman, Retired
Richard Kornblith, Norton Rose Fulbright
R Laurence Davis, University of New Haven
Ibrahim Bayraktar, Accord Education
K. Peter Brocks, Academy of Model Aeronautics
Emily Folz, duPont Manual High School
Tom Conroy, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp
RedLion York, Broadcom Limited
Michael Phlipot, Intel Corp
Bill Radulovich, BellCurve Labs
Harry Davis, University of Hawaii
Dean Gerber, Santa Fe Alliance
Joe Conner, Pasadena City College
Herb Glass, Hawaii-Mainland Administrators
James Musolino, MQA School
Michael Voss, Bettis Laboratory
Zhonghe Wu, National University
Jacqueline Manno, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Charles Rosenbaum, Virginia Commonwealth University
Betsy Mak, Lion’s Club International
John Liu, Digital Reasoning
Melinda Moore, National Security Agency
Sudha Garla, AMA
James Bandoli, University of Southern Indiana
Stacy Sinclair, EdExcellence Consulting, Inc.
David Hackleman, Oregon State Univiersity, CBEE
Steven Maier, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Elizabeth Hutchins, The Translational Genomics Research Institute
Marylin Lisowski, Eastern Illinois University
Claude Zeller, IEEE
William Borges, Retired
Michael J Wade, Wade Research, Inc.
Charles Joiner, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
George Muncaster, Motorola, Scottsdale Community College
Ayman Bassil, Qatar Foundation
Hemant Pande, Hislop College,
Lee Carvell, Solvay Specialty Polymers
Jenson Crawford,
Ashley Easley, University of Michigan
Lyndsay Avery, University of Pittsburgh
Eugene Meieran, Intel Corp.
Keith Labrecque, Parent
Jim Stuber, BNY Mellon
Laban Chweya, Kisii University
Penelope Valdez, Los Angeles Unified School District
Karl Roberts, Prince George’s Community College
Michael Yu, Naval Air Systems Command
Carissa Longo, DCNR-Bureau of Pennsylvania State Parks
Brian Hackson, The Webb Law Firm
James Menart, Wright State University
Art Evans, Brenau University
Debra Grega, Fast Forward Medical Innovation, University of Michigan Medical School
Gregory Puskar, WVU Department of Physics & Astronomy
Mrinmoy Sanyal, Stanford
Elvira Marquez, Consultant
Zhonghe Wu, National University
Aharon Inspektor, Carnegie Mellon University
Nicholas Liparulo, Retired, Westinghouse Electric
Emmanuel Hanna, JPL — NASA
Barbara Wachocki, Weber State University
Linda Mantel, Portland State University
Joseph Schwer, Retired Dow AgroSciences
Bob Hranek, Lockheed Martin
Mark Petersen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Kristen Butela, Seton Hill University
Andrew Brown, University of Pittsburgh
Bonnie Blazer-Yost, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Ben Manny, Intel (retired)
Wasna Viratyosin, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand
Mary Hartman, Old Mill Middle South STEM
Jennifer Slaton, Jefferson County Public Schools
Susan Behel, Seminole State College (retired)
Deborah Day, Regional School District #5
Melanie Hudock, Walt Whitman High School
Glen Wurden, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sheila Romine, Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Lee Bennett, Retired
Daniel Kaufman, Upstate Medical University
Bebi Davis, Honolulu District & University of Hawaii/Honolulu Community College
Ruth Silberstein, Honolulu District Office
Pamela Kohara, Honolulu District
Clair Thomas, Lake County Resources Initiative
Xandra W. Earlie, Aldine ISD
Indira Sukhraj, Florida Polytechnic University
Adebiyi Banjoko PhD Chandler Gilbert Community College
Christal Long, Heart Christian School
Wade Robins, Mount Ogden Junior High
Eric Moody, University of Nevada School of Medicine
Diana Dworzan, Apollo Middle School
Margaret Page, Powder River Basin Resource Council
Judith Pasek, University of Wyoming
Peter Li, Tennessee Technological University
Bill Wallace, Georgetown Day School
Nora Ivers, Dept. Of Defense Schools (retired)
Ken Driese, University of Wyoming
Brad Lync, West Platte RII HS
Alicia Bradley, Judge
Arron Harms, University of Wyoming
Leif Erickson, EEICON<LLC
Yvette Huet, UNC Charlotte
Sean Moran, Student Educational Opportunity
Mags Amond, Trinity College Dublin
Linda Chisholm, North Texas Academy of Higher Learning
Lisa Kant, University of Wyoming
Ryan Haupt, University of Wyoming
Andrew Cooksy, San Diego State University
Wael Elbially, Alexandria University
Michael Kelley, Amgen Inc
Laura Draxler, CodeLab
Kathryn Schuller, Colorado State University
James Gardiner, AECOM
Harold Lee
Kodandapani Ramadurgam
Karl Roberts
John Aidun
David Leitner
Steven Lord

*Alumni refers to participants of the Society’s science competitions including the Science Talent Search (Sponsored by Regeneron; formerly Intel & Westinghouse), International Science and Engineering Fair (Sponsored by Intel), National Science Fair, Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge, Society for Science & the Public Middle School Program and Broadcom MASTERS programs. To learn more, please visit



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