Kelly Fitzgerald and Mary Stargel showing what a productive work day looks like.

Mary Stargel, Community Manager, here. It’s a beautiful Monday. I am soaking up the sunshine while enjoying this Nordic folk playlist and sipping on my third cup of earl grey tea. The combo has turned me into a tornado of productivity and I, folks, am getting things done! I do find it strange how some days I am the busiest of bees and knock out a to do list with fervor. Other days my list seems insurmountable.

One of my favorite things about working at Society of Work is being able to reach out to my coworkers and get their…

Say hello when you see Sasha around this summer.

We are excited to welcome Sasha as our new Summer Project Specialist at Society of Work. We love getting to know new people so we sat down with Sasha to learn more about her and what she is excited to work on at SOW this summer.

What and where are you studying this year?

I am entering my senior year as a dual-enrollment student at Chattanooga State, although I suppose “Zoom University” is just as accurate. The majority of my current classes are general education requirements, but I plan to study something humanities or business based in college.

What is…

As Society of Work members re-enter our office space, we remain committed to creating a healthy and safe workspace and have created COVID-19 Community Norms and Guidelines.

Following recommendations from CDC and others, we have created these guidelines with the goal of keeping our members safe. Working together and looking out for one another, our space can remain a healthy environment for all.


SHARED SPACES We continue to work closely with the building cleaning crew to maintain increased cleaning and sanitation efforts. The nightly cleaning crew is paying special attention to commonly shared items (i.e. door handles, elevator…

The last few days have been a bit surreal and I expect that things will likely continue to change daily (if not hourly). The hardest thing for all of us is the uncertainty at this point. It’s important that you know that the most important thing for Society of Work at this time (as always) is you — our members. That said, we want to be as proactive as possible to help in slowing the spread of the disease. …

We’ve already had a great start to 2020 with welcoming a lot of new members! From therapists to software engineers to entrepreneurs, we have gained some pretty awesome members for our community.

Robert Barber

Robert is an entrepreneur who helps people achieve a higher level of business performance by one on one coaching and corp training. He is a professional career track coach specializing in personal and entrepreneurial work at ROYI Academy. “With over a decade of experience with Fortune 150 corporations overseeing HR in 26 states for 4000 employees, I am confident in my ability to deliver the highest level of…

CO.STARTERS Chattanooga Team
CO.STARTERS Chattanooga Team
CO. STARTERS Chattanooga Team

Who are you and what is your organization?

Our company is called CO.STARTERS. We launched in 2008 as a program that provided business support to creative starters, and have since grown to a support network with members in hundreds of cities, focused on equipping local leaders with the best resources to help communities thrive through entrepreneurship.

Give a brief history of its background and ties to Chattanooga.

We got our start on Main Street as part of CreateHere, a five-year downtown revitalization project which launched The Company Lab (CO.LAB), which is where CO.STARTERS began. Many Chattanoogans don’t know that in…

From architect to broker, business woman Kelly Fitzgerald created the first coworking space in Chattanooga back in 2013, better known as Society of Work.

What started as a simple thought turned into a crucial need for the community of creatives. Fitzgerald, a creative herself, noticed that the creatives in Chattanooga needed a place to work and grow.

“They just had this need and I thought there’s got to be a solution to that. So I just started doing research and found out that this model exists,” said Fitzgerald. …

Society of Work not only provides opportunity for networking and coworking, but also a perfect solution for a temporary office space for any company’s needs. Jennifer Hoff, founder and CEO of Skye Strategies, has been able to utilize Society of Work for a short period while a permanent office space for her company is under construction. Her company hit their peak growth while working with SoW back in 2016 and are now back in the Loveman’s space to continue their services they provide for Chattanooga.

Jennifer Hoff -Founder and CEO

Who are you and what is your organization?

Skye Strategies is a Chattanooga-based grant development…

This month, Aaron and Ashley gave us a run down of the benefits and challenges of working remote as a couple. Read on for useful tips about how to manage your work and relationships.

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Aaron Sachs. I’m a Customer Reliability Engineer at Sensu, Inc. In non-tech speak, I write documentation, assist our customers with deploying our software, do on-site and web-based training, and also do front lines support. Sensu is a Portland, Oregon-based startup that makes an IT infrastructure and application monitoring software

Hi! I’m Ashley Sachs, I lead…

We feel incredibly lucky to have this pair joining our community!

SoW: Who are you and what do you do?

We’re not your average lawyers!

MS: I’m Melody Shekari, the proud child of persian immigrants and Chattanooga native that returned to my hometown and got involved in politics and law. In a nutshell- I’m an Aquarius (humanitarian), ENFP (the Campaigner), and Enneagram 2w3 (the Helper/Achiever).

I became a lawyer to help people, and now I’ve got my own practice, working mostly in criminal defense and advising businesses, political candidates and campaigns, and non-profits.

SR: I’m Stephanie Rogers, I grew up…

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