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Kelly Fitzgerald and Mary Stargel showing what a productive work day looks like.

Mary Stargel, Community Manager, here. It’s a beautiful Monday. I am soaking up the sunshine while enjoying this Nordic folk playlist and sipping on my third cup of earl grey tea. The combo has turned me into a tornado of productivity and I, folks, am getting things done! I do find it strange how some days I am the busiest of bees and knock out a to do list with fervor. Other days my list seems insurmountable.

One of my favorite things about working at Society of Work is being able to reach out to my coworkers and get their insight and encouragement. So recently I asked on our Slack Channel (how we stay connected during COVID-19) how members are staying productive. …


Society of Work

A membership-­based shared office space that's creating a culture where things get done.

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