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I am white, liberal, voted for Obama twice, thrilled with the direction I see my country going in, hoping we go even further, but struggle for the words to tell you that when I consider myself as the subject of your rant (which was entertaining and well done btw) I start to think it was pretty harsh and not in adherence to the golden rule. I believe through your writing that you already get this — us white people DONT all think the same — my feedback to you is don’t treat us all the same. Hell yea there are some white people that this should be mandatory reading for. But somewhere issue a credit for your fucking friends that just want to live in peace with you and every other living created on earth regardless of how evil our great great great grandfathers where. I hope to see you on the court someday — trying to take my next — and break out my “white-KG” skills so I can do my best to give you a good game and have some fun in the process. That’s what a lot of us white people are doing right now, our best, and having fun in the process.