Strategies To Boost Twitter Engagement

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140 character text messages called as tweets. It started as a social networking forum, but, as can be expected, it was soon used as a marketing tool by online and offline businesses alike.

If you have a Twitter account for your business, you must constantly be wondering what you can do. If you are looking to improve your Twitter engagement and create appealing content with high retweet value, here are some strategies you can follow.

1. Photo and Video:

Every brand need to run its own testing to see what works well for them, but one of the great things about Twitter is that it does a lot of leg pulling to point you in the right direction. As we all know photos and videos are always appealing, giving a visual edge to your products and services. A recent study showed that the use of photos boosted retweets by 35 percent, while videos resulted in a 28 percent increase in retweets.

If your brand wants to stand apart, your images need to show integrity to your brand identity, while complementing the rest of your strategy. Upload good quality images and never use pictures that are blurred or of poor quality, if you are trying to boost engagement.

2. Frequency:

How often should you tweet ? Tweet feeds move rapidly, but what works for your business matters. According to surveys on why people unfollow accounts on Twitter, the top two reasons included tweeting too much or tweeting too little. But this still doesn’t provide hard and fast rule.

The best strategy for any business would be to have different types of tweets. All you need to remember is that social media is meant to be social! Make sure your tweets doesn’t turn out to be broadcast messages which don’t facilitate any interaction. If your audience feels that you are talking about yourself too much, they will leave in a matter of minutes.

3. Embedded tweets:

Twitter gives you one great feature that your tweets don’t need to be confined to the Twitter platform. You can embed them into your site,thereby boosting engagement. Key features here include real time updates on engagement visible to anyone who is seeing the embedded tweet, and gives the permission to join in the conversation directly from the site where you embedded the tweet.

4. Avenues for inspiration:

If you notice that you are at a loss for ideas note down a few avenues to get inspired. Start following accounts that are related to your interests to know what is working well and how can you apply those strategies to your own business. Join global conversations by following what’s trending on twitter — specifically if it’s related to topics of your interests. Finally, Twitter’s own blog are great source of information, providing regular updates on how to grow your brand using Twitter.

Finally, when all that traffic reaches your sites, you need to have is a strong website which is live and up all the time. Get the best possible web host and and you can also look for the cheap web hosting plans according to the needs of your website.

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