2 Easy Methods To Adding Color For Your Images by Photoshop

Adding Color are always essential factor to describe your images more stunning and create goof effects that help you attract eyes’viewers. If you realize your normal album by using the benefit from natural light resource as: sunrise and sunset framework. Do you believe and confirm that you are completly pleasure in the color of your album?. Even since you are experienced photographers, you can also not sure that the colors in your images are great. This does not only depend on your talent and technique skill. There can be many reasons to this, such as camera limitations or mistakes you made in the field. That’s reason why we can use Photoshop tool to adding color or correcting the color for images. Here are some share about methods for adding color to your images using Photoshop.

As far as we know, there are many way using Photoshop to add color as well as change color for your images, here we will show two easy methods including: adding color with Photo Filter and add contrast with Curves Adjustment layer.

Adding color with Photo Filter

The first methods we will help you familiar with Photo Filter tool that is one of the best tools in the support of color for your images. This is an adjustment Tool which you can find by clicking the adjustment Tool icon — the half-filled circle located below the layers palette, see screenshot below. This creates a new layer that saved and named Photo Filter or the different name you like.
A warming or cooling filter are depended on your favourite and your eyes to be appropriate to your images. In pics below, we will choose a warming filter as you might see, the image now has an red color cast. Normally, we always use warming filter (LBA) as we find this to have the most natural color that suits your images best — you can see screenshot on the right. In addition, using warming filter make your images become more warm and more stunning. However, you can also choice cooling filter that might suit your image better if you prefer, important that it is appropriate to images and message that you want to transmit viewers.

If you find the adjustment to be a little too weak you can strengthen its appearance by increasing the Density. Normally, photographers set up about 20% density but you can change its with higher lever like 40% as the color the quickly become washed out and result in a look below.

Notes: you should use dark images to experiences, this will help you enjoy the clear change of color.

Add contrast with Curves Adjustment Layer

Using the Curves Adjustment Layer tool to add color are an other easy way for your images. We show steps using Curves Adjustment Layer
+ Opening choosen images and click on Adjustment layer icon to realize Curves adjustment layer tool.
+ Clicking in the middle of your line in your Curves Layer and pulling it down to add some contrast and increase the color. Make sure that you don’t go too far as that will lead to color distortions and destroy your artwork.

If you wanna remove the adjustment, let’s click Window->History-> remove previous step.
When you might have noticed these are two subtle adjustment. With this two easy methods, you’ll maintain a natural look and still bring out some of the color you wanted to capture. We hope that you will find it interesting. Do you have other methods for adding color to your images using Photoshop?. Please share your experiences in the comment below.