Great Tips to Shooting Interior and Real Estate Photos

Interior and real estate photos are one of new and hot subject in the market. As a people photographer, I’m not a specialist in photographing especially real estate photography. But I always work with photographers together and edit real estate photography document I send message to my readers. If you are real estate agents, a home contractors or an interior designer, having a great tips to capture amazing interior and real estate photos are valuable lesson. This will help your image to improve and retain the attention of potential customers. Here I want to share my experience I have learned and accumulated that will hopefully get you started in photographing interior spaces and architecture.

Use natural lighting

Natural lighting is always great advantage that many photographer exploite and use to describe and turn into their artwork. Lighting is a indispensable part in photography, it can make your photos brighter, warmer with brilliant yellow or cheerful red. This makes your images more quite and colder with mysterious dark,… So, it’s important that you capture and understand how to use effective lighting?.

Normally, with the camera rested on a tripod or a table, you can play around with very slow shutter speeds to maximize capturing ambient light even in very dark corners. If there are lamps and lights that make up the overall ambiance of the room, include them and take advantage of slow shutter speeds and long exposures.

Additionally, keep in mind that for interior, you should aim for balanced lighting. According to my experience, early morning and late afternoon lighting are the softest. Midday are considered as harshest lighting. Hence, you should understand well these essential factors to avoid the basic errors as well as to make your artwork attractive.

Shooting straight

When it come to researching and collecting interior document real estate photographers share, I have found that it is always best to shoot straight on. As shooting straight, you will capture correctly object of your photos and this require that you need to ensure the horizontal and vertical elements of items are aligned. Here are some funny pictures to illustration for shooting straight.

Get the balance white right

White balace is a crucial key in helping to achieve the kind of engagement with your readers and viewers. I have seen real estate photos of my customer who sold their home. It is beautiful and nice house but this photos in which describe it not attractive buyers in the first times or after looking at house directly. And one of the reason for that was incorrect white balance. The simple mistake of this house’s photographer are that they arrived with the camera on the tripod. The flash head pointed slightly upwards. This lens used very wide, this make house lack of highlight and no attractive buyer. For this experience, we can confirm that get the balance white right is strong and important point photographer should interest in.

Go close and not wide

When you browse through interior design catalogs, blogs or website, you will come across many interior detail, arrangement, layer of products that do not show the entire space. In order to enhance engagement and a connection to your potential customers, details are essential.

Image you are a buyer, you walk around home in the first time. The first thing that you survey the outside look at the property and its surroundings. You want to get close, touch and feel everything in house. But if you only look at house’s interior design catalogs, it is more difficult to feel and check it directly. So, this photos element will play a important role that help photographer convey the best message. This is the sence photographer should shoot more detailed photography if you want to achieve with your images when the viewer is not physically in the space. That is why close up shots and details are important.

With photography including interior and real estate photos, aim to connection with your viewer not only by using visual senses but also the power of emotion. So, you should take advantage of photography to help you improve and reinfore your business, your ideas that you wanna convey to viewers. Got any of your own favorite photo tips to share with other readers? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.