How to Use Natural Lighting for Best Product Photograph

A best product photograph need to use many differents elements and natural lighting is one of essential factors to creat the success of product photograph. If you love photograph and are photographer, have you ever used natural lighting for your photograph?. Below is some useful tips what help you learn how to use natural lighting for best product photograph.

When you use an artificial light source, these can affect directly your product’s colour, while using natural lighting for product photos preserves the natural colour of the product. So, natural lighting complements products photos really well. However, the light changes from hour to hour and day to day. You can choice the suitable light for your product.

Select the camera angle

Choosing the camera angle is a important parts when you take the product photos with natural light. When photographing with window light at low ISOs your exposure can be upwards of several seconds, depending on your aperture.

Suggestion: you should use ISO 100 to keep the noise levels down.

Choose the best time of day

As you know, the light changes from hour to hour and day to day. To create natural lighting for your own photos, you should shoot your photos at the brightest time of day. You can work in late morning and early afternoon — the times of beautiful sunlight and these gives sufficient lighting near windows or in the shade. In general, morning light is bright and has less colour, while afternoon and evening light often has a warm undertone and brings out greater contrast in your images. You can always neutralise the image and make it cooler in post-production if want a cool, dark image.

Avoid reflecting of your shadow fall because this shadow will hide some details of your product and lost some of it sparkles. Avoid spending times to take your photos in sunset. Sunset is considered as golden hour to make a beautiful photos but use too much, it can create harsh shadows or be too warm for a simple product photo. If you’re shooting indoors, you should put your item in place where has lots of windows. Don’t forget that you can weaken the light source by covering the window with a thin, solid curtain or various types of paper. Be careful!

Remember that you need to focus on the product — it is the most important things to decide your best photos. Producing a nicely arranged photo of your product in use can be really effective and natural lighting can often produce beautiful effects but you must guarantee the quality of product.

Natural lighting will help your photos look great. We hope that our useful tips will bring you precious experiences to make beautiful product photograph and increase your online sales.